In 1885, the American, Canadian, Russian, and Japanese governments and various private businessmen all began vying to locate and control a mountain filled with above-ground crude oil in Alaska, so much easily accessible oil that whoever held it could easily dominate the world economy. Hijiro Nguri was sent to Alaska as an agent for the Japanese government in order to locate this mountain, but he turned against his clan as he regarded Japan's participation in the bloody oil conspiracy to be dishonorable. Nguri went on to join fugitives Two-Gun Kid, Marcel Fournier and the Apache warrior Running Fish to locate the oil mountain and destroy it. The quartet succeeded in this, blowing up the mountain. Seemingly killed, the group actually survived the blast and remained together for a time as the Sunset Riders.

The group soon drifted apart, however, and Nguri was later said to have dropped out of sight in San Francisco. His subsequent activities are unknown.

Modern Day

Nguri's ultimate fate is unknown but, decades later, Kushala, the Sorcerer Supreme from his time who had been displaced to the present day, summoned his spirit to help her protect Thor's sister Laussa from the forces of Sindr.[1][2]




Hijiro Nguri is an expert swordsman, having been trained in the ancient arts of the samurai warrior.


Nguri wore traditional samurai armour


Nguri rode a horse


Two katana swords

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