Hikaru was the CEO of Stark-Fujikawa in Nueva York, 2099 A.D. He was manipulated into a conflict with the new Spider-Man by Tyler Stone, the VP of Alchemax. Tyler requested the favor of using Stark-Fujikawa's Specialist agent to kidnap Kasey Nash for Alchemax, expecting Spider-Man to get involved. When Spider-Man defeated the Specialist, this cost Hikaru honor, forcing him to take action against Spider-Man to redeem S-F, just as Stone intended.

The situation became more complicated when Spider-Man saved Hikaru's life (not knowing who he was) during Discord's reign of terror through Nueva York's computer systems. Hikaru now owed his life to a man who dishonored his company, making retaliation and repayment a thorny issue.

Ultimately, Hikaru chose to augment Kasey Nash (a woman Spider-Man was known to care for) with cybernetic armor so that she could strike back against her oppressors in Alchemax. This fulfilled his debt to Spider-Man for his life. However, Hikaru also sent Kasey out before she was trained or ready to use her new "Payback" armor, ensuring the inevitable negative consequences that Spider-Man would have to deal with, balancing the scales between them for the Specialist.

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