Hilla Rollo is the daughter of the criminal Pik Rollo. She was kidnapped by the Mercurio and his pirates to force Pik into doing his bidding.[2]

Pik allied herself with one of Mercurio's enemies, Venom, and they eventually managed to rescue Hilla. Hilla joined her mother as she accompanied Venom in his ensuing adventures.[3]

After helping Flash subdue his symbiote, which had gone rogue,[4] Hilla, Pik Rollo, Iqa, and Tarna, other allies of Venom, adventured to the planet Wenb in the search for a purifying elixir to cleanse a portion of the Venom symbiote which had remained on Earth and took the name of Mania. During this journey, they encountered the Space Knights,[1] a group which Pik, Hilla and other allies of Venom would join once the elixir was delivered to Mania and Venom had decided to stay behind with it and its host Andi Benton.[5]

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