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Real Name
Current Alias
Harbin Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),

Hademar Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),
Heller Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),
Herbert Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),
Helmuth Zemo (great-grandfather, deceased),
Hackett Zemo (grandfather, deceased),
Hartwig Zemo (father, deceased),
Isla Zemo (mother, deceased),
Gretchen Zemo (wife, deceased),
Unnamed child (deceased),
Hoffman Zemo (son, deceased)[1],
Hobart Zemo (grandson, deceased),
Herman Zemo (great-grandson, deceased),
Heinrich Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Hilda Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Helmut Zemo (distant descendant),
Heike Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Wendell Volker (distant descendant),
Ms. Klein (distant relation);

Mr. Fleischtung (distant relation)
Base of Operations
Castle Zemo, Zeulniz, Germany, Holy Roman Empire
Living Status
Marital Status
8th Baron of Zeulniz


Place of Birth
Castle Zemo, Zeulniz, Germany, Holy Roman Empire
Creators and Appearances


Hilliard Zemo is the eighth Baron in the Zemo Barony. As a young man, Hilliard was in love with a jewish girl named Elsbeth Kleinenshvitz. Elsbeth's family had been merchants who served the Barony since its inception. When Hilliard's father, Hartwig, died the Barony passed to him. Hilliard's advisors feared the Kleinenshvitz family was growing too wealthy and too powerful and were a threat to the Barony. Hilliard urged Elsbeth to flee the country, but she refused. Hilliard's men slaughtered the Kleinenshvitz family save for a pregnant Elsbeth who was saved by a time traveling Helmut Zemo.

Hilliard never knew that Elsbeth survived and had his child. Their unnamed child was the ancestor of a woman named Miss Klein who was killed by Wendell Volker in the present. Hilliard later married an Austrian girl named Gretchen and fathered Hoffman.[2]

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  1. Fabian Nicieza intended to name the 9th Baron Zemo Hoffman but did not get the chance to do so in the script for Zemo Born Better.[1]
  2. Thunderbolts Presents Zemo Born Better #2
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