Hilton Roma Hotel was a luxury quality resort and inn in Rome, Italy. [1]

When American tycoon Anthony Stark bought Italian company Electronica Fabrizzi, he travelled to Rome to inspect his property. He and his pilot James Rhodes stayed at Hilton Roma Hotel. Fabrizzi's original owner (and Stark's long-time rival) Justin Hammer discovered this and sent a chauffeur to Stark's room, to invite Stark to a business dinner.[1]

While Stark was away working, his would-be romantic interest Kathleen Dare went to Rome and insisted that she was allowed in Stark's room (knowing that Stark was not waiting for her. The bellboy let her in -for a expensive hotel, security was lax. When Stark went to his room, he was aghast and insisted that Dare leave.[2]


Anthony Stark, James Rhodes and Kathleen Dare at one point.

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