The Hippo was originally an ordinary hippopotamus named Mrs. Fluffy Lumpkins, even though he was a male. He was visited by the High Evolutionary, who turned him into a humanoid hippo, one of his New Men.[1]


During his life of crime, he encountered Venom in his Spider-Man alias and had his leg eaten by him. He later joined up with the Redeemer and other villains who had their limbs eaten by "Spider-Man" in an attempt to capture and redeem "Spider-Man."[1] Once outfitted with mechanical appendages, Hippo and the other villains fought "Spider-Man."[2] Unfortunately, Hippo and Eleven ended up eaten by "Spider-Man" while the other villains were hospitalized.[3]

New Avengers

He somehow turned up alive when he was shown fighting Spider-Man and Ronin before being defeated by Luke Cage.[4]

Origin of the Species

Hippo was among the villains gathered by Doctor Octopus to secure specific items for him in exchange for a reward.[5]


Hippo was at an underground where he was doing badly at the tables. When Domino and Daredevil crashed the casino, Tiger Shark asked him for help but refused due to his losses.[6]


Hippo is next seen as a member of White Rabbit's group The Menagerie as they were leaving the scene of a heist they pulled off involving easter eggs. They were eventually stopped by Spider-Man.[7] Hippo and the rest of the Menagerie later reunite to commit a diamond heist, but they are once again defeated by Spider-Man.[8]

Supervillains Anonymous

He later attended a support group called Supervillains Anonymous.[9] It was held at a church and also attended by Boomerang, Grizzly, Porcupine, Dr. Bong, Looter, and Mirage.[10]

Powers and Abilities


It appears he posses super strength and, since hippopotamuses have very thick hides, he is probably very durable.


Hippo is also shown to be very adept in operating underwater.

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