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In 1692, Hiram Shaw was the Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. He was the Reverend of the town of Salem, taking the position after the last reverend was banished for witchcraft. His son was in a relationship with Abigail Harkness, whom Hiram believed was a witch and thus disapproved. He forbade Obadiah from seeing her, but Obadiah disobeyed, believing that Abigail was innocent.

One night, he was summoned by Dormammu. Dormammu warned Shaw that his lust for power would damn his entire family for all time. He offered Shaw protection in exchange for Shaw's submission, but Shaw refused. When Shaw returned to Earth, he found his wife, Sarah Shaw, was dead.

Hiram blamed Abigail and had her arrested for witchcraft and murder. She was sentenced to death but Obadiah rescued her and the two escaped town. Hiram sent a pack of townsfolk after them. Abigail revealed that she was indeed a witch and killed the townspeople with a blast of fire. Only Hiram survived.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Hiram was Earth's Sorcerer Supreme during his time, deemed capable by higher powers to secure it against the likes of Dormammu despite his thirst for power, holding a high-level mystical abilities at least comparable to that of the Ancient One and Dr. Strange in their primes. Hiram could manipulate ambient and/or extra-dimensional magic to achieve a variety of feats, such as the powers to cast magical spells for numerous effects, create illusions, travel between dimensions, fire mystical bolts and read minds. Hiram must also have possessed a vast arcane knowledge, as well as certain magical artefacts to amplify his powers.

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Normal human

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