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Quote1 You were tainted by a power that will destroy you the next time you consume it. This is the pain of knowing that you can never have the thing you crave the most. I hope you choke on it until the end of time. Quote2



During the Hulk's time on Sakaar, his wife Caiera the Oldstrong, along with almost all the people of Sakaar's capital, were killed in a warp-core explosion. Caiera could have saved herself with her Old Power but instead sacrificed her body and used it to put Hiro-Kala and his brother Skaar in cocoons to shield them from the explosion so their father could find them. Unfortunately their father believed that they perished along with Caiera and so traveled to Earth to seek vengeance on the falsely blamed Illuminati.[5]

Although the protection of his mother's Old Power, along with his father's rage and strength, allowed Skaar to survive easily, Hiro-Kala's abilities did not come as quickly and he was very weak as an infant. Eventually Axeman Bone came across the child. However Axeman Bone was unaware of the child's true heritage, or else he would have killed him for being a son of the Hulk. Bone had lost his wife in the warp-core explosion, which he believed had been caused by the Hulk. Bone had therefore, sworn vengeance upon him and any of his lineage, believing that if a descendant of the Hulk were to claim the throne of Sakaar it would mean the complete destruction of Sakaar and its people.[citation needed]

Skaar Son of Hulk Vol 1 2 page 25 Hiro-Kala (Earth-616)


Hiro-Kala was pushed, mocked, and even laughed at for being a slave until an old man told him of the Green Scar's story. The old man discovered Hiro-Kala's goal: to have his birthright, the Old Power. Hiro-Kala sneaked out of the Fillian borders, and was stranded on a desert, where two men were pushing on him. He remained silent until a monster helped him by killing the men. He was calmed by a woman who was kind enough to offer him food, but Hiro-Kala refused and continued his journey. Hiro-Kala saw a slave priest, Hiro-Amin, chained and hopeless across an arch, and used a rock to break the chain. Hiro-Amin knew what Hiro-Kala was looking for, and asked him to reach in his pocket. Hiro-Kala believed it to be a rock, but it was an eye of a man who sought the Old Power, and went insane. Hiro-Amin said that to have the Old Power, he or she must kill someone with the Old Power. From behind, Axeman Bone grabbed Hiro-Kala and gave him his axe. As Hiro-Kala raised the axe and finished Hiro-Amin, a blue beam circled over the sky. He knew this was the Old Power, but it never came to him, simply flying away. Axeman Bone then grabbed Hiro-Kala by the neck and broke his slave collar, indicating Hiro-Kala's freedom. Axeman Bone also granted Hiro-Kala promotion to honor guard and a name.[6] A few days later, Hiro-Kala joined Axeman Bone's army that went to Okini to hunt Skaar.[7]


The Silver Surfer appeared to warn the people of Galactus' coming. Yenrag and Old Sam later joined forces to free the slaves with Hiro-Kala leading the two and the rest of the slaves to the battlegrounds of Fillian borders. Hiro-Kala helped Silver Surfer rescue the Shadow slaves, while Yenrag was fighting Axeman Bone's guards. After the fight, Hiro-Kala took notice of Caiera's return. Hiro-Kala along with the rest of the Shadow slaves watched Skaar and Silver Surfer fight until they could see nothing more. Silver Surfer had sent Skaar to see the might of Galactus up close. Skaar's pride caused him to waste time and ignore the urging of his mother to evacuate the people of Sakaar. He chose instead to face Galactus, believing he could fend him off, against the better judgment of both Caiera and Silver Surfer. Galactus destroyed Sakaar, absorbing its Old Power and sating his hunger for an estimated one hundred-thousand years. Seeing the futility of reasoning with Skaar, Caiera denounced him as her son and exiled him to Earth through a wormhole she had created with her Old Power. In a final, spiteful attack, Skaar blasted Galactus with a surge of Old Power, waking him and causing Galactus' hunger for Old Power to surge beyond his control.[8]

Beyond Sakaar[]

In the aftermath Hiro-Kala was left to lead the remaining Sakaarans to find a new planet to live on. Hiro-Kala and the remaining Sakaarans had escaped in the last Stone Ship, though no one knew how to pilot it with no Old Power left now that Galactus had destroyed Sakaar and devoured its Old Power. After Galactus devoured the planet known as Doarj'n, Hiro-Kala commanded a Stone Drone to pilot towards Galactus and left the ship, to the amazement of those aboard the ship. Piloting the drone directly in front of Galactus, Hiro-Kala revealed that he now had the Old Power, having received the residual left over from Galactus' feeding and swore vengeance for the death of Sakaar, stating he would make the world devourer feel so much agony that Sakaar's death would seem like an inconsequential thought. This he vowed in the name of his father, Hulk the Green Scar and the name of his mother, Caiera the Shadow Queen. While Hiro-Kala was returning to the Stone Ship, Caiera revealed herself in a trail of Old Power, seemingly remorseful for neglecting to care for Hiro-Kala in his time of need, instead reserving her counsel for Skaar, the only child she knew. After returning to the Stone Ship, Hiro-Kala murdered one of Axeman Bone's soldiers, named Kutta, for questioning and challenging him.[2]

Son of Hulk Vol 1 16 Textless

Hiro-Kala, commanding the Stone Ship, followed the Old Powers energies and landed on the planet Giausar, the first and proudest of the ancient Shadow's worlds. Though he was warned of potential for death at the hands of the secretive and exclusive Giausarians, he was unafraid, telling them upon his world he was known as Hiro-Kala. That they would come to known him as God. Hiro-Kala had absorbed not only the Old Power but also the Power Cosmic from Galactus and knew the Old Power to be artificial and unstable, having been created to rival the Power Cosmic, and combined them into one, the New Power, which he intended to use to dismantle all the Shadow People had built and influenced with their Old Power. Hiro-Kala hated Galactus so much for destroying Sakaar and what remained of his mother that he poisoned the Old Power of Giausar and fed the planet to him.[9]

As Galactus fed on the planet, Hiro-Kala attacked him with the New Power, causing the cosmic being to feel the pain and anguish of every soul he had consumed. Hiro-Kala threatened Galactus that he probably poisoned other planets seeded with the Old Power, causing the latter to vomit the souls at him before retreating. Hiro-Kala was then met with his mother again who told him that she loved him and would know what he did, but he told her to leave as she was just an apparition of the Old Power. Caiera did as he wished and disappeared, leaving Hiro-Kala to despair. Having sacrificed Giausar to save the universe that Skaar had put in danger, Hiro-Kala returned to his ship intending to go after his brother.[10]

Dark Son[]

On their journey, Hiro-Kala was suddenly transported to the Microverse through the Fault, summoned to Jarella's world by her magician niece Jentorra who had intended to bring the Hulk instead. He appeared just in time to save Jentorra from a swarm of Psyklop. The Psyklop attempted to torture him by showing Hiro-Kala visions of the things he hated the most, but instead he saw a reality in which he was a powerful ruler and destroyer of worlds, a thing he believed he would never accomplish. With this he used his hatred to explode the Psyklop's ship and killing them.[11] He proceeded to liberate the K'aitians from the Psyklop swarm and bring back to life the swarm's victims, earning him the praise of K'ai's people. After being joined by his crew, Hiro-Kala vowed to rid the Microverse of the Old Power and kill the person who had brought him here. Becoming revered as a god, Hiro-Kala sent Axeman and his new faithful to exterminate the remaining Psyklop, before sharing the New Power to some of his loyal K'aitians to assist in destroying the Old Power.[12]

As he argued with his lover Lihla, he showed her the reality had previously seen in which the two conquered the universe together, causing Lihla to try to convince him to abandon this. However, they were then contacted by the Galactus of this future, having become Hiro-Kala's herald, and told the couple that if he were to purge the Old Power with the use of the New Power then all existence would be destroyed. Despite this, Hiro-Kala was undeterred and after giving Lihla a necklace went to K'ai's library to learn more about the Microverse. Learning that the Old Power was present in numerous planets in this reality except for K'ai, he also learned of the Enigma Force and wished to claim the power. In his quest to find the individual responsible for bringing him here, Hiro-Kala discovered technological spires hidden beneath the ground which later turned out to be ships powered by the Enigma Force and decided to use them for his faithful to travel to destroy the Old Power. Jentorra, regretting to have brought Hiro-Kala to her world, stole Lihla's necklace which was actually the Enigma Force Nullifier and attempted to use it against him. As Hiro-Kala fought back, Axeman was called back to help his master.[13]

Hiro-Kala (Earth-616) from Realm of Kings Son of Hulk Vol 1 4 001

Hiro-Kala with the Enigma Force

He managed to reclaim the Nullifier but the power within it brought Arcturus Rann before Hiro-Kala. The Enigma Force revealed that Hiro-Kala's arrival had been prophesized and the Nullifier was constructed to prevent him from destroying reality. With no other choice, Rann chose to sacrifice himself to defeat Hiro-Kala. He managed to shatter Hiro-Kala's body, but the latter managed to rebuild himself, and in his fury mustered enough power to grow in size and thwarted Jentorra's teleportation spell by combining it with the New Power and use it to teleport the planet of K'ai out of the Microverse and into mainline reality through the Fault. This effort left him weakened and when Lihla attempted join his side he snapped her neck without a second thought.[14]

Furious over his daughter's death, Axeman attempted to personally execute Hiro-Kala, only for him flee. On the run, Hiro came across a crater leaking energy where Axeman cornered him. Evading Axeman's attack Hiro fell into the crater with Axeman going after him.[15] Falling into water Hiro-Kala encountered the Worldmind of K'ai which sent the War-Mind to attack him out of fear. However, Hiro was able to take control of the War-Mind and ordered it to take Axeman down.[16] After climbing back to the surface, Hiro imbued the Worldmind with the Old Power in order to keep K'ai from being destroyed and in exchange gained its powers and memories, learning more about his father. He regained the trust of the K'aitians and the Sakaarans, except for Axeman who was instead enslaved.[17]

As K'ai was being transported through space due to lacking a sun, the planet began succumbing to the cold of the universe, causing distend among its inhabitants. This led to an attack which was squashed by the War-Mind. However, Hiro's power was quickly diminishing, allowing Axeman to break free. The Worldmind tried to rationalize with Hiro, telling him that he could fix things back to what they were if he took back the Old Power but he refused. The Worldmind then showed Hiro his memories from when he was a stillborn as a last attempt to convince him. Hiro didn't care about those and went on to form lava pits in order to provide heat to the people. Unfortunately for him, the Worldmind, having had enough of his madness, turned on Hiro and had the War-Mind drag him into the earth.[18] The Worldmind forced Hiro through his and the planet's memories, but he managed to take control of the planet of its people and decided to destroy the planet Earth.[19]

On his way to the Sol system, Hiro sensed Rann and his companions following, and so decided to relinquish the Enigma Force and sent it back to the Microverse in order to cut Rann from his power.[20] He was then attacked by Visis and his rebel group, but Hiro easily subdued them and forced them to kill every single person on the Isle of Assassins. However, Rann's Enigma Force team arrived to the planet and sent their ship crash landing into K'ai's ocean. Rann planned to have Hiro-Kala destroy the ship so he could kill Hiro with minimum casualties.[21] As all of the Earth became alarmed at K'ai's appearance, the United States attempted to launch missiles at the planet but were destroyed by Hiro. Having learned of his other son, the Hulk and his family decided to confront Hiro on K'ai.[22]

Psyklop, having joined the Enigma Force, attacked Hiro by manifesting an illusion of the Hulk. Once Visis slayed the Psyklop, the illusion disappeared and then Hiro sensed that Rann was up to something below. He opened the earth and confronted both him and Jentorra who had just found the K'aitians' doomsday weapon. Rann sought to use the weapon to finally kill Hiro, but because it would also cause the planet to be destroyed he decided to shut it down, opting to find an alternate way to defeat Hiro-Kala despite probably ending in failure. Laughing at this Hiro collapsed the cave on top of the Enigma Force before going to meet his father.[23] As the other Hulks went on different missions to sever Hiro's power and relocate K'ai, Hulk himself went to his son and at first attempted to reason with him, but seeing he was not getting through him the two fought. Meanwhile, Skaar sacrificed himself to embed himself in the earth to free the K'aitians from Hiro's control. The Hulk was able to overcome Hiro-Kala and instead of killing him, took the Old Power away from him and unleashed it on the planet. Hiro berated his father, saying that the Old Power would destroy everything, but Hulk responded by telling him that the Old Power, like any other energy, could be contained and wasn't destined for anything.[24]

All of a sudden, Skaar appeared out of the ground and began battling his brother, while K'ai continued its collision with Earth. As the two brothers battled each other, both of them experienced echos of their past and Skaar told Hiro that their father could teach them to change. When Hulk, in his Banner form, returned with the Worldmind, Hiro showed how his mother congratulated him on defeating Galactus. However, the Worldmind revealed to him that the Caiera who appeared to him was just a figment of his imagination. This enraged Hiro-Kala who unleashed all of his power, but Skaar, having learned how to control his powers unlike his brother, encased him inside a sphere. After the heroes managed to throw K'ai off its axis and course, the Hulks were told by the Worldmind that it was unable to reform Hiro and as a result it merged with him to transform into a miniature sun so it could grant warmth to the planet and undo the damage he caused.[25]


Power Grid[34]
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Hiro-Kala discovered the Old Power was corrupted and unstable, and so has made a different power by combining the Old Power and the Power Cosmic, known as the New Power. The New Power is simply all of the attributes of the Old Power and Power Cosmic, rather than new powers through the Old Power and Power Cosmic interacting and mixing together. However, there is a great likelihood that Hiro-Kala can double his durability through the techniques of durability with the Old Power and Power Cosmic.[26]

  • Hiro-Kala also has a Hulk transformation yet to be seen and is said to be triggered by love. Its power is said to be so great that he would threaten the universe were he to undergo the transformation.[citation needed]

The abilities and powers of Hiro-Kala are many, to understand them and to know them it is better to see them according to how they developed and how he obtained them;[14][27]

  • New Power: With this power Hiro has managed to create his own version by uniting his Old-Power and Cosmic Power, thus creating a New Power that in the future would have led him to be a universal destroyer.[28][26]
    • Power Bestowal: Hiro-Kala was able to place New Power within two of his followers which caused them to grow to giant size, mutate somewhat in appearance, and wield great strength and durability. Hiro-Kala was also able to make them fall and then detonate their bodies at will to serve his purpose.[4]
    • Force Fields: Hiro-Kala was able to raise a force field capable of keeping him safe in the vacuum of space as well as withstanding a blast of unleashed power from Galactus at near point blank range.[10]
    • Precognitive Visions: While using the new power he had limited precognitive visions he could share with others, a latent skill unleashed by the Psyklop. In this new prophecy the Galactus of this future would be manifested, revealing that Galactus would be the harbinger of his future, and the victim of his past.
    • Energy Blasts: Hiro-Kala has vast cosmic power to generate forms of destructive energy, able to destroy an entire planet while using it.
    • Mental Control: Hiro would take control of the resurrected K'ai citizens by converting them into conduits of his New-Power, with which he intended to eradicate the Old-Power of the Microverse. It does not seem to have limits.
    • Technopathy: Hiro would take control of the ancient weapons and ships buried in K'ai and make them resurface again, also feeling the connection of all things.
    • Soul Rescue: With his New-Power Hiro-Kala he was able to restore the souls and bodies absorbed by the Psiklop (demonstrating some degree of power that we really only see in gods or mystical beings of very high level).[27][29]
    • Spatial Rifts: It can take an entire planet out of its orbit, dragging it and carrying it with its power the entire planet, escaping from the universal wave.[27]

Rapid Maturity: Shortly after Hiro-Kala's cocoon left his mother's body he emerged from the at the age of a child, something that is common among the Shadow People.[5][30] After gaining the New Power he continued growing until he had the appearance of a young man.[31]

Superhuman Strength: The physical power of Hiro-Kala has been proven by facing Class 100+ as his own father Hulk and his brother Skaar.[32]

Auto Resurrection: Like his brother Skaar, Hiro-Kala can reform his body from the rock itself if it becomes destroyed.[citation needed]

Mental Invulnerability: Hiro would not only be able to resist the power of the Psiklop, it would easily destroy a whole legion of them.[29]


Hiro-Kala is an experienced fighter, hand to hand combatant, and an excellent swordsman. Hiro-Kala can also master any power such as the Old Power quickly. Hiro-Kala has been said to master a power within three minutes of use. The same can be and is also said of his brother Skaar.[citation needed]


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Sometimes Stone Ship. Also flight.

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