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Hiro Sokuto was born in Hiroshima, Japan. He has one brother, Tattoo of Tektos, and they were sold as a pair to the Yakuza by their father. While running drugs for the Yakuza, they were arrested by the Mutagenic Search Squad. The Squad is run by a "Dr. Mallarkey", who seems to ooze control.

Base's memories would eventually be erased and replaced with those of an orphan who was found by the Hikari-No-Michi, a top secret gathering of priest-warriors. The Path of Light, as they were sometimes called, trained him up until he demolished one of their holy shrines, causing him to be banished. On the road he would be found by Dr. Mallarkey.

M-Day and Civil War

It is unknown if Base kept his powers after M-Day.

Base was one of the foreign costumed hero who were required a monitoring by Tony Stark.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Elemental Manipulation: Base can control one of the four elements (Water, Earth, Air, and Fire) at a time. He can control the elements and create various constructs for offensive and defensive purposes. Base has demonstrated the ability to create walls of stone, humanoid figures out of earth and has used a wave of moving earth and snow for transportation purposes. He has also created battering rams, pillars of water to trap his enemies and even made a power punch out of steam. Base can even create gauntlets out of stone, fire or ice to enhance his striking power. Base can conjure up any elemental construct he imagines but can only use one element at a time.


Martial Arts Master

Physical Strength

Exceptionally strong for a man his age and height.


Base can only control a single element at a time.

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