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When Earth was scorched following two wars, killing almost every living thing in the process, a group of heroes survived, with Hisako Ichiki shielded them inside her armor for a prolonged period of time, which almost killed her but gave the rest a fighting chance. The survivors hid underground, where thanks to their combined powers they and their descendants managed to survive for decades.

In 2051 A.D. the survivors still living in an underground faclity located under New York City came under attack from mutated radioactive monster who was no match even for their combined powers and had killed several of themy. Lacking any other way to deal with it the survivors, at the great risk to them, managed to contact Captain Marvel who was in deep space and believed that everyone on Earth had died. Overjoyed to find some of her friends and their children still alive, Carol was able to come up with a way for her and the others to defeat and kill the creature. She then learned about what prevented the resettling of the Earth's surface and sacrificed herself to save the humanity by restarting the Sun and making the surface habitable again.[1]

By the following year, Armor had been captured by the forces of Ove and the Enchantress, who used magic to force Armor to cast a protective dome to establish a haven named New Atlantis.[2] Ove would also use magic to transport Captain Marvel's younger self from the timeline of Earth-616 with the intention to use her own life force energy to power a spell for himself to travel to the past.[3] During Captain Marvel's subsequent confrontation against Ove, she would find Armor suspended in the air casting the dome and offered to liberate her. Armor refused until they could check the radiation levels outside and see if it was safe. Following the Enchantress' sacrifice to use her own life force to send Ove to the past and the liberation of New Atlantis, Hazmat used her powers to clear the immedate areas of lingering radiation so that Armor could lower it. Captain Marvel would also be returned to her own time.[2]



Seemingly those of the Hisako Ichiki of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Hisako Ichiki of Earth-616.

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