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Tom Brevoort provides the history of Earth-616's Marvel Comics company.


  • Purple Pig Comics #1 (a comic that does not exist in our world) was first referenced in Iron Man #72, when Iron Man attended the San Diego Comic Con and discovered security guards surrounding a case said to be displaying Purple Pig's debut issue from 1937. Although the Purple Pig comic itself was never seen in the issue of Iron Man, Brevoort described Purple Pig as "a blatant copy of Warner Brothers' popular cartoon star Porky Pig." This would mean Purple Pig would have looked similar to Porky Pig's designs anywhere between 1935 (when Porky first made his debut in "I Haven't Got a Hat") to 1937 (when Purple Pig Comics #1 was published).
  • According to the history, after the Avengers and Fantastic Four disappeared during Onslaught's attack, Marvel decided to hire top creators to create fictitious stories of the missing heroes. This is a reference to Marvel's Heroes Reborn project in the real world, where Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld were hired to revamp the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Since Earth-616 is affected by the Sliding Timescale, if History of Marvels Comics is still canonical, it may mean other creators (that came after Lee and Liefeld) were brought in to create fictitious comics while the heroes were missing.


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