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A Japanese Macaque whose tribe had adopted an assassin named Bryce, the Monkey saw him as a threat and tried to have the tribe expel him, only be banished himself. While he was away, his entire tribe was killed by the Humans that came to kill Bryce. Picking one of their guns, Monkey killed all of the Humansin anger, after which he went after those who send them there in the first place.[1]

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On his way to Tokyo, Monkey discovered that Bryce's spirit was now bound to him, unable to leave Monkey's presence and constantly perstering him with advice. Arriving to Tokyo, Monkey killed the Old Fish Lady, who was the only lead Bryce had. Returning to the scene of the crime later, he was able to follow General Kato to the funeral of Ken Takahara, where he took notice of Akiko Yokohama.[2]

The Monkey and Bryce came across a monk who could see and understand both of them and urged them to work together. Following up on the leads of the now deceased General Kato, Monkey and Bryce visited his appartment, where they learned of Yakuza members Keppei and Teppei. The Monkey followed to their casino and after winning a bunch of money managed to kill the two as well, but not before learning of the one called "the Accountant".[3]

The Monkey snuck into the Sugano Prison and after neutralizing its Warden made his way to the section where the Accountant was kept. He fought and defeated Fat Cobra but spared his life, ending Cobra's friendship. Cobra helped Monkey get the next lead from the Accounant - a man known as "the Rooster".[4]

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The Roosters and the rest of the Yakuza were by now sick of the Monkey and put a ¥150,000,000 yen bounty on him. After evading multiple assassins aand earning the respect of undead assassin Yuki, the Monkey got to the Yakuza and managed to kill most of those present, although the Rooster managed to escape. After this, the Monkey finally found courage to come and see Akiko at her home.[5]

The Rooster tried to mask his trail by employing numerous lookalikes, which the Monkey eliminated one by one, eventually taking out Rooster himself. This put an even more serious attention at him in the shape of Lady Bullseye.[6]

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Believing that everyone involved in his tragedy was taken out, the Monkey visited the Monk again and was told that he had to follow his own pass and not be led by Bruce. Lady Bullseye attacked Monkey at Akiko's home, blowing it up. Bryce urged the Monkey to leave Akiko and run for her own safety. Although Monkey did run, he then did the opposite of what Bryce urged at every turn. Finally wishing to be rid of rim, Monkey trapped Bryce's spirit inside a circle of salt inside a McDonalds bathroom stall. He then departed Tokyo and went back to his mountain.[7]

Monkey found that another tribe of Macaques had moved into his pool, and they agreed to take them in, after which the Monkey put aside his suit and weapons and tried living as a normal monkey again. However, when the tribe of Red-Stripes tried to force to move, the Monkey urged his new tribe to stay and fight instead. Unfortunately, this ended in a disaster when a child of his tribe was killed. In fury, the Monkey put his suit back on and massacred the attackers with firearms, only to scare his new tribe away anyway. After this, a spirit of his elder appeared to him for the last time, telling the Monkey that he was destined to protect both Human and Monkey worlds, while never belonging to either. The Monkey then returned to where he left Bryce and freed him.[8]

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The Monkey and Bryce returned to Tokyo on the day of the election for the position of the Prime Minister. Akiko and her new ally Detective Haruka believed that one of the candidates Itaru Ozu was behind the hit on Ken Takahara and were able to uncover that the Bonsai Master was the one who funded Ozu. The Monkey went to the Bonsai Master's compound and after fighting through the guards managed to kill him. However, Ozu claimed to be innocent, revealing that Akiko's uncle Shinji Yokohama was behind the original hit all along and had just become the new Prime Minister.[9]

The Monkey went after the new Prime Minister, who was protected by both Lady Bullseye and the Silver Samurai. Bryce managed to enlist the help of Yuki, who along with the suddenly appearing Fat Cobra managed to distract the Silver Samurai and allow Monkey to reach the top of the tower where Shinji was. The Monkey faced Lady Bullseye and was outmatched once more, being saved only by joint actions of Bryce and Haruka. Finally coming face to face with Shinji who had just revealed the truth to Akiko, the Monkey was persuaded not to kill him by Bryce, who thus redeemed himself and managed to ascend. However, when Shinji grabbed Haruka's pistol and tried to shoot her, the Monkey had no choice but to kill him, earning Akiko's unending hatred. Left with no others after having killed the Prime Minister, the Monkey was smuggled out of the country by Haruka, who put him on a place to USA. While in transit, the Monkey reunited with Bryce, who asked to leave the warm place to be with his friend once again and had signed a contract with the red dude that allowed him to do so.[10]

Powers and Abilities


  • Expert Marksman: Monkey displayed a remarkable aim with a variety of firearms.
  • Expert Swordsman: Monkey is extremely proficient with a Japanese katana.
  • Monkey is able to understand spoken Human language.
  • Monkey is remarkably fast to learn Human customs, being able to semi-function in a Human society with only minimal advice from Bryce.


  • Monkey is unable to communicate with most Humans other than Bryce because of his inability to speak Human languages.

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