Ho Yinsen's life is the same as his movie counterpart, being captured by a terrorist organization and sacrificed his life so Tony Stark can escape, but he was saved by a local woman named Sandra, whom he fell in love with. Rebuilding his life in a small village, when Sandra was due to marry another man, Oliver, Yinsen watched from atop a nearby wall. Several attack choppers descended, firing Stark-Tech missiles across the area. Yinsen was the only survivor.[citation needed]

Having lost his life and family for a second time, he was approached by Minister Kuroda with an offer to join Zodiac. Convincing Yinsen that Tony Stark had lost his way, Yinsen swore revenge against his old friend.[citation needed]

Orchestrating many of the actions of Zodiac against Tony, he stole the Iron Man Dio armor, kidnapped Tony, and took over the Arc Station at Lab 23.[citation needed]

Yinsen was eventually finished off after his own Iron Man Sigma units were turned against him. In his final moments, Yinsen regretted everything he done against the very man he saved.[1]


Ho Yinsen has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Man Dio Armor.


Despite lack of training, Ho Yinsen is a formidable combatant when wearing armor.


While Yinsen proved a formidable combatant in his armor, it was mostly in regards to physical combat, as his projectile attacks often seemed to miss, even missing Tony when he was standing still, though that one may have been intentional.


Yinsen commandeered Tony's Iron Man Dio armour which had been intended as Japan's own defensive armor by Tony. It seemingly possesses all the same abilities as the original armor. Yinsen went on to build four autonomous duplicates of the armour he could control from within it.


Iron Man Dio's repulsor weapons

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