Ho Yinsen was the Baron of Yinsen City and also the leader of the Defenders under the codename Rescue. Yinsen would have daily briefings with Thor Corps member She-Hulk who was put in charge of the law within the domain.

Yinsen showed up to the area where the Defenders found a woman named Dr. Faiza Hussain who broke through the force wall with her sword Excalibur in order to request sanctuary from God Emperor Doom. Yinsen was sympathetic with her plea but with She-Hulk being a Thor, Yinsen decided to have a meeting with Doom regarding Hussain's request.

Doom agreed to the terms but said things would have to be forfeited in return, which resulted in the treaty between Yinsen and Mondo Cities becoming null and void allowing for aggression to once again rise between both states. Just as Doom's hologram disappeared, Yinsen and the Defenders heard a massive noise coming from the aforementioned western wall.

The Bosses from Mondo broke through the city's defenses with their super weapon War Machine in full tow. Yinsen erected a force field around his people to protect them but ended up being shot and killed by Boss Magniconte who used a phaser round to penetrate through his field.[1]


Seemingly those of the Ho Yinsen of Earth-616.


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