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Quote1 We don't have the power of the state. We don't have the authority on our side, the cops, or the media. What we have are angry hearts. Clenched fists. Love and rage... and 15,000 watts of punkrock, from an army of amps set to 11. Quote2
Hobie Brown[src]


Early life[]

Foul-mouthed teenager Hobie Brown was living as a squatter in America ruled by the fascist regime of President Ozzy Osborn. He was bitten by a spider irradiated by illegal waste dumping which made him into a Spider-Totem. He proclaimed himself a Spider-Man and began to fight for freedom alongside his friend Captain Anarchy (Karl Morningdew).[3]

Hobart Brown (Earth-138) from Spider-Verse Vol 1 2 001


As leader of the Spider Army that fought against Osborn's oppression, Spider-Man utilized his free spirit as a "radioactive suicide machine" to rally support from the lowest classes that the regime was aiming to stamp out in the name of America's "strength". When Osborn personally led his forces to "Make America Great Again", the Thunderbolt Department empowered by the use of the V.E.N.O.M., Spider-Man used 15000 volts of punk rock out of an "army of amps" to disable the new symbiotes, then defeated Osborn himself by beheading him with his guitar before unmasking himself to the viewing crowd.[3]


He was observed by the Superior Spider-Man of Earth-616, who recruited him into the Superior Spider-Army for being "angry, unpredictable, [and] rabble-rousing".[3] The Spider-Army's goal was to oppose the Inheritors, a family of vampiric beings who feasted on the Spider-Totems.[2] Hobie and the Assassin Spider-Man of Earth-8351 accompanied Superior Spider-Man to Earth-1610, where they rescued Miles Morales and Jessica Drew from Verna and her Hounds, taking the two of them back to their base on Earth-928. Around the same time an independent Spider-Army showed up, and the presense of so many Spiders in one place overload the cloacking device that hid them from the Inheritors. The two groups merged and fled to Earth-13.[2]

Hobart Brown (Earth-138) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 10 001

Spider-Up or Die!

The safe zone of Earth-13 was demolished by the arrival of Solus, the Inheritors' patriarch,[8] and the Spiders found a new temporary shelter on irradiated Earth-3145.[9] During this period, Hobie was chased by Jennix to Earth-TRN461. The Inheritor was driven back by the Spider-Man of Earth-94 and the Scarlet Spider of Earth-14110, with the latter using his connection to The Other to protect Hobie. Despite this, he didn't join Team Amazing, but rather their rivals, The Superior Army.[10]

Superior Spider-Army (Earth-TRN461) from Spider-Man Unlimited (video game) 001

Among The Superior Army

Later, Hobie joined Anya Corazón's desperate mission to Earth-3123 to try and bring Karn on the Inheritors over to their side, whcih despite all odds succeeded.[11] They then went together to Earth-001 to join the desperate battle against Inheritors on Earth-001, which ended in victory and the Inheritors becoming trapped on Earth-3145.[12] Karn assumed the role of the new Master Weaver, and before being send back to his home reality, Hobie warned Spider-UK to keep careful watch over Karn, who had killed countless Spider-Men despite having helped the Spider-Army against his brethren.[13]

Back on Earth-138 Spider-Man continued to defend New York City alongside Captain Anarchy, Hulk (Robbie Banner), and M. C. Strange, battling Hydra, the U-Foes, and the Universal Church of Truth. At some point he had a falling out with Robbie who left the street scene and became a solo act.[14] At some point he joined the Amazing Arachnids to play a baseball match against the Seething Snikters, a team of Multiversal Wolverines.[15]

On Earth-TRN461, Spider-Man was recruited by the S.H.I.E.L.D. into the Spider-Men, a group of Spider-Man analogs assembled to combat the Multiversal Sinister Six. Despite his anti-governmental view, Nick Fury was able broke a deal with Hobie so that he would sign the Superhuman Registration Act.[10]


Whilst Hobie was performing with the Spider-Slayers over the Radio Free Medianet, Adrian Toomes of Toomestone Records cut power to the concert. This led to a fight between the Spider Army and Toomestone Records' security which was cut short when a rift between Earth-138 and Earth-93726 appeared in the sky, from which arrived Spider-Ham 2099, Ducktor Doom 2099, and Doom's Duckbots who attacked both sides. They took out Vulture's army, but proved too strong for Hobie and his Spider-Army to take out. After a few days, Spider-Man hogtied Spider-Ham 2099 and took him to Earth-001, where after defeating the Inheritors some of the Spider-People stayed as the Web-Warriors. After greeting his friends, Hobie invited them back to his world and asked them for help in stopping Ducktor Doom 2099's invasion. Most of the Web-Warriors had difficulty in fighting the Duckbots who operated on cartoon logic, but Spider-Ham easily dealt with them by rotating his arms so fast it created a tornado that swallowed the enemy forces and took them far away.[16]

Hobart Brown (Earth-138) from Web Warriors Vol 1 10 001

Spider-Man is about to rock

This was not the end of interdimensional visitors to Hobie's world however, as the instant Ducktor Doom 2099 and his Duckbots were returned home, two giant robots modeled after Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus appeared. Spider-Man and the Web Warriors began attacking "the one that didn't look like Spider-Man" but were no match for the villain's Mega Morph's abilities. Suddenly, as a result of the Master Weaver and Octavia Otto's attempts to recover the Web Warriors' lost teammates, most of the Web-Warriors team and the Mega Morphs Doctor Octopus were transported away, leaving Hobie only with Anya Corazon, Lady Spider, and Mega Morphs Spider-Man.[17]

Having lost contact with their teammates through their Dimensional Travel Watches, Lady Spider began working on a new communicator using the Mega Morphs' technology.[18] As their bracelets were out of sync with one another and the web, they used the Mega Morph as a giant amp for Hobie to play rock on, while connecting it to a Dimensional Travel Watch. This indeed worked and allowed bracelets to call on one another, transporting the four Spider-People to Earth-803 where the rest of the Spider-Army was fighting against an army of Electros.[19] The Electros were defeated, but the Web of Life and Destiny was threatened by Harry Osborn of Earth-22916 and to save the Multiverse, the Spiders decided to resonate the Great Web again, using not only the Mega Morph but also the energy of countless electros. Hobie played the guitar while Gwen Stacy played the drums, and together they saved reality through the power of Rock and Roll.[20]

Hobart Brown (Earth-138) from Web Warriors Vol 1 11 001

Saving the Multiverse with Rock and Roll

Peter Parker of Earth-616 later led the Web-Warriors on a mission to Earth-177 where they battled that reality's version of Sinister Six.[21]


After dealing with Red Skull's lackey Thunderstrike, Hobie was suddenly confronted by Kang the Conglomerator from an alternate future. Kang revealed that by 2099 he owned all rights to Spider-Punk, turning him into a family-friendly, marketable character and that he wanted to collect the real deal for extra profits. Horrified by the perversion of his ideals, Spider-Man attacked Kang but was overwhelmed by a swarm of toy versions of himself. Seeing that he was badly outnumbered, Brown decided to ask Robbie for help and rushed to Captain Anarchy who was fighting the Annihilation Wave in Harlem. Karl gave him Robbie's special mixtape and stayed behind to hold off Kang and his minions, while Spider-Man swung to Robbie's place. Robbie initially refused to help, leaving Spider-Man to face inevitable odds anyway. However, the mixtape was left at his place and Robbie decided to listen to it after all, transforming into the Hulk and coming to Hobie's aid. The Hulk easily crushed Kang, who revealed that the reason for Spider-Man's marketability was that he like every bankable star had died young. Kang teleported away, and Hobie was approached by Spider-Woman of Earth-982 who needed his help with another Inheritors crisis.[14]

Annihilation Wave (Earth-138) from Edge of Spider-Geddon Vol 1 1

Back to back with Captain Anarchy

Hobie rejoined the Web Warriors, who traveled to Earth-616 where the Inheritors attempted to return to life through cloning technology of Otto Octavius. They arrived too late to stop the Inheritors from re-emerging, losing Noir, Spider-UK,[22] and apparently Gwen. The team retreated and Hobie agreed with Octavius that this time the Inheritors needed to die. He set out to find more recruits,[22] bringing in Peter Parker of Earth-17628[23] and Norman Osborn of Earth-44145.[24]

Hobart Brown (Earth-138) and Norman Osborn (Earth-44145) from Edge of Spider-Geddon Vol 1 4

Recruiting Spider-Nor-Man

Hobie then joined a group that went to New U and rescued the trapped part of the team led by Miles Morales.[25] Making their base aboard Leopardon, Hobie and Pavitr discussed new possible recruits when their Dimensional Travel Watches' connection to the Great Web was suddenly cut off due to be it being destroyed by Norman that Hobie had recruited.[26] Miles Morales was empowered by the Enigma Force, and the Spider-Totems led a combined charge against the Inheritors, during which Gwen was revealed to be alive, having returned with reinforcements. Solus was killed and all his children except Morlun de-aged into babies, after which the Web-Warriors disbanded.[27]

No More Web[]

The Web of Life and Destiny was still destroyed, and Gwen's Ticket to the Multiverse was the only remaining way for Spider-Totems to travel between realities. Gwen assembled her closest friends on Loomworld to have a funeral for Karn, at which Hobie delivered his eulogy. Before returning back to his world, Hobie told Gwen not to face all her battles on her own.[28]

Spider-Punk Vol 1 1 Unknown Comic Books Exclusive Virgin Variant

Some time later Hobie was among those caught in the web by Wolf-Spider, who planned to drain his captives' life force. Hobie was rescued by Peter Parker of Earth-12041.[29] During a battle against the Universal Church of Truth Hobie was assisted by a sudden arrival of Miles Morales who was pulled across realities by Spider-Zero. Their encounter was brief, but Hobie still thanked Miles for the help before he was pulled away once more.[30]

The Return of Osborn[]

Now embracing the name of Spider-Punk, Hobie set up base at the Brooklyn Community Center along with Robbie Banner and Karl Morningdew. They were joined by Karl's boyfriend Rick, RiotHeart and Kamala Khan. While fighting Kraven and his Hunters, Hobie and Karl discovered technology that traced back to the days of President Osborn. Having restrained Kraven, RiotHeart, Captain Anarchy and Spider-Punk got him to admit that he was hired specifically to clear them out. Kraven's interrogation was interrupted by arrival of his benefactor Ta$kma$ter,[6] who proved a challenge to the trio until the tide was turned with Kamala's arrival. Beaten down, Ta$kma$ter revealed that he was after the weapons at the Osborn's black site that the Community Center was sitting on top of. Kraven detonated a suicide bomb so he could be the one to kill Spider-Punk, but Riri shielded the team with a force shield, while Ta$kma$ter had bolted. The explosion revealed that the black site underneath them was indeed full of weapon and still operation all this time since Osborn's death. It was also far from the only one, as many other such sites all fed information to Washington, D.C. Determined to deal with the problem, Hobie left Robbie and Rick to guard the Spider-Base, while taking the rest of the Spider-Band on tour.[4]

Hobart Brown (Earth-138) and Karl Morningdew (Earth-138) from Spider-Punk Vol 1 1

Spider-Punk and Captain Anarchy

On the road they had a run-in with Marauders and had to make a pit stop in Philly for repairs. Kamala's friend Mattea, the Daredevil Drummer of Philly, informed Spider-Band that Marauders were working for the Kingpin who had been accumulating power in her neighborhood, while also hinting that he might have the parts Spider-Band needed to fix their Spider-Van. The Band split, with Kamala and Hobie accompanying Mattea to Fisk's hideout where they battled the Marauders before eventually subduing Kingpin himself. The Spider-Van was repaired, and Spider-Band proceeded to D.C. but Mattea stayed back home to help people deal with Fisk's fallout.[31]

Hobart Brown (Earth-138) from Spider-Punk Vol 1 5 001

The Power of Rock

Arriving in D.C., Riri was able to confirm that the main base was under Lincoln Memorial itself. Going through the secret entrance, the Spider-Band found that whoever was running this base has been keeping tabs on all of them for a long time. They were shocked to discover that it was none other than former President Osborn himself, or rather his head which was still alive thanks to the V.E.N.O.M. symbiote. Osborn was backed not only by Ta$kma$ter, but also War Sentry and Officer Venom, who combined their efforts to overwhelm the Spider-Band. All four were captured, RiotHeart armored destroyed and Captain Anarchy severely wounded. Osborn then prepared to stage a public execution of his nemesis.[5] While crowd of Osborn's fans rallied outside, the execution was meant to be transmitted live across the country as a fitting revenge from Osborn to Spider-Punk. However, Norman's event was interrupted by unforeseen arrival of the Hulk and Daredevil Drummer, who freed their fellows and helped them turn the tide. During the prolonged battle, RiotHeart snatched War Sentry suit for herself and used its power source to supercharge Hobie's guitar. Spider-Punk played a super-loud tune that blasted V.E.N.O.M. symbiotes from all of the cops and well as Osborn's head, resulting in his instant death. Having rocked the President to death, Spider-Punk officially welcomed Mattea into their ranks and declared that Spider-Band's first tour was dope.[32]

Battle of the Banned[]

After Spider-Punk took down Osborn for good, he was impersonated by Cletus Kasady who got a hold on a piece of Osborn's red-and-black semi-sentient Symbiote that gave him Spider-Punk-like appearance. Proclaiming himself the leader of the United Neighborhood of Brooklyn, Cletus announced that his enemies would face public execution, at which point the real Spider-Punk showed up to deal with the poser. He tried to the same trick that helped him beat Norman twice, but this new symbiote proved immune to sound. Hobie tried to led him away from the crowd, but Kasady announced that instead of killing him and making him a martyr, he would rather make Spider-Punk his henchman. He injected a piece of the Symbiote into Spider-Punk's brain, but Hobie and the symbiote found that they had a lot in common, both of them finding Kasady to be super-cringe. Spider-Punk squeezed Cletus into unconsciousness and removed his symbiote, which the form of a "Spider-Mutt" that Hobie approved of.[33]

Hobart Brown (Earth-138) from Marvel's Voices Spider-Verse Vol 1 1 001

Embracing the name of "Spider-Punk"

Spider-Punk later took the Spider-Band to participate at the Battle of the Bands at the Daily Bugle, the heart of punk rock. Kamala and Riri noted that unlike Hobie they couldn't actually play music and were only a band of heroes, but Hobie ensured them that this was the most punk rock thing of all. The act before them was that of the Sinister Six-Piece, who used the hypnotizing music to mind-control everyone into giving them all their money. Riri was protected by her armor and gave Hobie a device that freed him from the trance as well. Enraged by the commercialization of music, Spider-Punk attacked the Sinister Six-Piece and was soon joined by the rest of the Spider-Band. After webbing the Six up, the Band then went on-stage and went on to rock.[1]

End of Spider-Verse[]

During Shathra's reign, Hobie was stung by her spider-wasps and converted into her servant, forming the Hive along with almost every other Spider-Totem in the Multiverse.[34] He along with wasp-isized Noir, Gwen and Mayday was sent by Shathra to Earth-616 as part of her final attack on its Peter, considered to be "the Chosen One". After Noir used the Totem Dagger to erase Jessica Drew, the other Spiders from Earth-616 were rescued by Spider-UK and Araña, who took them to a safe zone unknown to Shathra and left a magical seal behind preventing travel to Earth-616, trapping the four wasp-isized there.[35] They waited there in boredom until Morlun broke the seal, intending to retrieve the Totem Dagger. He was followed by Web-Weaver, Silk, Sun-Spider, and Spinstress, but Spinstress was bitten and wasp-isized immediately upon arrival. Shathra's portal opened again and Gwen dragged Spider-Punk back to Shathra's lair on Loomworld.[36]

Hobart Brown (Earth-138) from Spider-Man Vol 4 1

Turned by Shathra's Spider-Wasps

All of Shathra's thralls were eventually released and transformed back to their normal selves when Silk slashed Morlun with the Totem Dagger. Loomworld was blown apart, and Spiders were thrown into Earth-616, where Peter Parker dealt a final defeat to Shathra, after which all Spiders returned to their home.[37]


Sometime later, Hobie would be recruited by either Miguel O'Hara of Earth-2099 or Anya Corazon of Earth-616 to join the Spider-Society which he would accept amongst others. [38]


Power Grid[43]
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Spider Physiology: After being bitten by a spider irradiated by illegal waste dumping Hobart obtained the proportionate powers of a spider and became a Spider-Totem.[3]






Spider-Punk Vol 1 4 Clarke Variant Textless


  • Hobie originally hated the nickname "Spider-Punk," criticizing MC2 Spider-Woman for calling him that.[14] He eventually embraced it by the time of Spider-Punk #1.
  • Spider-Man was a fan of his world's Gwen Stacy before she 'croaked.'[16]
  • Hobie has at least two similar vests with different designs on the back.[39]
  • Hobie has a pin of Deadpool's symbol attached to his jacket.[41]

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