Quote1.png I've tried to be good, believe me... But some people are just born bad. Quote2.png
-- Prowler src


Hobie Brown's doppelganger

After losing his job, Hobie Brown turned to a life of crime under the alias of the Prowler. With the help of Spider-Man, he turned his life around and became a superhero. He later joined the Spider-Men. He was among the members that traveled to Klyntar to battle the Hellhounds. In an attempt to defeat their leader, Dormammu, by making a deal with a rival demon, Mephisto. He gave Prowler a vial of his blood; once he injects it he will be strong enough to take down Dormammu, but he will lose his sold to Mephisto. Prowler was determined to stop the Hellhounds, but SP//dr convinced him that they weren't worth losing his soul over.[1]


Seemingly those of the Hobie Brown of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Hobie Brown of Earth-616.

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