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Not to be confused with the Imperial Guard of the Shi'ar Empire.

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In the Earth-616 Universe, the Hobgoblin mantle has been passed to many individuals, though former fashion designer Roderick Kingsley is the original, longest running and possibly best-known Hobgoblin.

Other characters who used the Hobgoblin identity in the main Marvel universe during Roderick's numerous bouts of retirement include:

  • Arnold "Lefty" Donovan, a small-time thug working for Roderick who had a very short, and fatal, tenure as the second Hobgoblin.
  • Edward "Ned" Leeds, a Daily Bugle reporter who was brainwashed by Roderick to act as the third Hobgoblin and later killed. He was later revived by the Jackal and cured of his brainwashing.
  • Jason Macendale, Jr., a mercenary who started his criminal career as the original Jack O'Lantern; he took on the mantle after Leeds' death, but was later killed by Roderick. He was recently brought back to life by the Jackal.
  • Daniel Kingsley, Roderick's twin-brother who took his place with the original costume, before being killed by Phil Urich.
  • Phillip "Phil" Urich, a mentally unstable hero-turned-villain who slaughtered Daniel Kingsley and operated as the Hobgoblin until he became the Goblin Knight and later the Goblin King. He was later killed by Norman Osborn.
Lefty Donovan
(Currently deceased)
Ned Leeds
(Currently without an alias)
Jason Macendale, Jr.
(Currently Hobgoblin)
Daniel Kingsley
(Currently deceased)
Phil Urich
(Currently deceased)


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