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Hobgoblin was a shape-changing member of the Imperial Guard, who protected the site of the M'Kraan Crystal for his emperor, D'Ken.[1]

During the Kree/Shi'ar War, Hobgoblin was apparently undercover on a Shi'ar warship.[2]

Hobgoblin died while protecting Empress Lilandra during a royal ceremony. He acted as her royal body double, and was killed by an assassin's strike.[3]

Powers and Abilities

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Omni-Morph: Shape-shifting into any form imaginable, regardless of size, & able to utilize the inherent abilities of the assumed form, if applicable (e.g. dragon form = fire breathing, etc.).[4]


  • It was hypothesized that Shapeshifter was a Skrull.[5]
    • During Operation: Galactic Storm, Hobgoblin briefly transformed into a Skrull while alone before reassuming his previous guise. It was never explained if the shape-changing Chameleoid Guardsman had been temporarily or permanently replaced with shape-changing Skrull.[2]


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