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Quote1.png A new Goblin, just what the world needs. I don't know who's behind the mask this time, but he'd better watch out. I won't have to raise a finger after Parker's been through with the "real" Goblin. Parker won't let another Goblin hurt anyone ever again. I pity this guy, he just picked up the wrong duds. Quote2.png
Nick Fury[src]


Very little is known about the fifth Hobgoblin, including his true identity. Chatter from the Goblin indicated he'd been in contact with other members of Spider-Man's villains's gallery, who had warned him about Spider-Man's constant and insane joking.[1]

He and Lady Octopus were sent to attack Captain America in his civilian identity by the terrorist-elements wound into the events of the Nick Fury's Secret War.[1] This Hobgoblin was jailed along with the various defeated villains after the conclusion of the "War".[2]



Rockets and Pumpkin Bombs


Goblin Glider


  • Green Goblin's alternate costume in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is based on this character's design.

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