Little is detailed about Prowler’s life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as Prowler of Earth-616.

Somehow becoming infected, Hobie is seen as part of the zombie horde that tries to prevent Magneto and his small band of survivors from escaping to the Baxter Building.[1]

He is presumably temporarily blinded by Ultimate Invisible Woman and later cooked by the newly imbued Power Cosmic Zombies.[2]


  • The Prowler is a naturally gifted inventor. Currently holds a green belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is an experienced street fighter.


  • Numerous gadgets and devices as needed.
  • Costume Specifications: The Prowler's Costume is a modified coverall and is armored similar to a flak suit. The costume's cape can expand with air giving it a rigid shape allowing him to glide for short distances. Spare Cartridges for gaunlets. Rubber insulated pneumatic boots. The gauntlets have steel claws that facilitate climbing, and they can also be used as affective weapons in close quarters combat.


  • Pneumatic glider cape. Pneumatics in the Prowler’s boots allow him to leap remarkable distances.


  • The Prowler uses a costume equipped with specially-designed high-tech weapons based on pneumatic technology. Gauntlets that shoot an assortment of projectiles; Sleeping gas pellets, cleaning fluid, steel darts, gas canisters capable of producing a damaging compressed air blast, and magnesium flares. The gauntlets are also tipped with steel claws.
  • Design and manufacture of Paraphernalia: All equipment designed and manufactured by Hobie Brown.
  • There seems to be little difference between Hobie and the rest of the general populace, so why he should be infected and other equally ‘normal’ be just cattle is unclear.

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