Hobie Brown was a petty crook who worked for a powerful boss named Iceberg, despite girlfriend Angela's pleas for him to give up his life of crime. When Iceberg discovered that Hobie conspired with other gang members to betray him, he tried to have him destroyed. However, Hobie escaped, but was caught by the police and sent to Rooker's Island.

In Rooker's, Hobie saved Richard Fisk from another prisoner's attempt on his life. The young Fisk informed his father, The Kingpin, who in turn had Hobie's name cleared. After Hobie's release, Kingpin gave him a "stealth battle-suit" as a token of his gratitude. Hobie dubbed himself "The Prowler", and hoped to use his new abilities to take down Iceberg.

Prowler defeated Iceberg, but soon began to experience painful jolts of electricity. The Kingpin informed Prowler that he must return to him to re-charge, and that he now controlled him. If Prowler were to remove the suit, a self-destruct device would activate.

Instead of returning to Kingpin immediately, Prowler visited Peter Parker (whose alter ego, Spider-Man, he had previously defeated), and told him everything. Parker agreed to "convince" Spider-Man to help Prowler confront the Kingpin. Spider-Man and Prowler infiltrated the Kingpin's base, and successfully found out how to remove the self-destruct device from Prowler.

After he and Spider-Man escaped, Hobie vowed to give up his life of crime.[1]


Specific with stealth battle-suit (see below).


Prowler must have his suit charged every once in a while, or he will experience painful jolts of electricity. If he tries to the remove the suit, a self-destruct device will activate.


Prowler's Suit from Spider-Man The Animated Series Season 4 11 001

The stealth battle-suit

Prowler's Suit, which is bulletproof, capable of pneumatically controlled flight and offensive maneuvers such as jumping, equipped with titanium steel claws which facilitate climbing, and a nuclear-heating unit.


The battle-suit is equipped with rocket-powered blasters that fire powerful projectiles. Prowler also possesses a grappling-hook device (similar to Black Cat's).

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