Hoder Vilison was a normal patron of a pub establishment in the winter-land of Norseheim. One night the pub received a visited from a group of strangers who were asking where they might find the location of Ulik the Troll.

As people in the pub were scared to hear that name, the owner of the bar said that they didn't want anything to do with people who are looking for him. Once the Maestro revealed himself and threatened the other patrons, especially the owner, Hoder told Maestro to put him down since he knew Ulik's location.

Hoder revealed that the Troll resided inside a cave in Nornheim. The Baron questioned how a blind man would know this, and he told him that he was once a God. As the group left Hoder asked if Maestro could rely a message to Ulik. He said that when Ulik kills him, tell him he said hello.[1]


Seemingly those of the Hoder Vilison of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Hoder Vilison of Earth-616.

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