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Described as the last remaining Hodinn (following G-Type's apparent death), who was seemingly mad, desires nothing more than to burn everything.

He was recruited by Vulcan into his Imperial Guard, however it's membership was short lived as Havok realized that The Hodinn was similar to a star and absorbed its energy, which allowed the Imperial Guardsmen Warstar, Starbolt, and Smasher to kill him.

Powers and Abilities


Stellarkinesis: The Hodinn possess abilities revolving around suns (which all his species seem to possess). He energy appears to be synonymous to that of a star or composed of cosmic energy, making him susceptible to having it absorbed as seen when his energy was leeched by Havok.[1]

The exact source of these abilities is unknown, but it is known that The Hodinn was able to destroy an entire planet using them.

The Hodinn has demonstrated the use of his powers in the following ways;

  • Plasma Generation[2]: The Hodinn is capable of generating superheated plasma as powerful blasts of energy.
  • Flight: The Hodinn is capable of flight, possibly by the use of super-heated air currents.
  • Supernova: The Hodinn is capable of using his stellarkinetic abilities to go supernova, thus being able to destroy a planet in one blast.[3]

Immunity to Fire & Heat: Due to being from a solar based species, The Hodinn is unaffected by heat and flames, including his own.

Superhuman Durability: The Hodinn can survive in the vacuum of space without the need for protective material. He is durable enough to survive being at the epicenter of exploding planets unscathed.[4]


Insanity: The Hodinn is seemingly insane and his desire to burn everything makes him uncontrollable.



Containment Suit: The Hodinn appears to be wearing a containment suit, which presumably either regulates his powers or protects others from the emissions of his powers.

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