The Hodinn are a race of sentient stars and ingots, one of the many species who have been integrated into the Shi'ar Empire.

Close of extinction, only two individuals of the species are known: G-Type and The Hodinn, both integrated at different time into the Imperial Guard.

As G-Type was supposed to have been killed by Xorn[1] and The (crazy) Hodinn by the Imperial Guards after having been drained by Havok,[2] the Hodinns were supposedly extinct, until G-Type reappeared later.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Astrokinesis: The Hodinns possess vast stellar manipulation abilities.

The two known Hodinns (G-Type, The Hodinn) have demonstrated the use of their sun based powers in the following ways;

  • Plasma Generation[4]: The Hodinns are capable of generating superheated plasma as powerful blasts of energy.
  • Flight: The Hodinns are capable of flight, possibly by the use of super-heated air currents.
  • Supernova: The Hodinns are capable of causing themselves to go supernova, thus being able to destroy a planetary system in one blast.[5]

Immunity to Fire & Heat: Due to being from a heliokinetic species, the Hodinns are unaffected by heat and flames, including their own.


Containment Suit: The Hodinns appear to be reliant on wearing a containment suit, which presumably either regulates their powers or protects others from the emissions of their powers.


Representatives: G-Type, The Hodinn.
Please see the complete list of known Hodinns.

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