Hofund is the sword of Heimdall Created by the Dwarves of Nidavellir. It was enchanted by Odin.[1] With his sword Heimdall can command cosmic forces into his sword to strike down a half powered Thor from entering Asgard,[2] he can also use his sword to wield blue flames from countless cosmic stars,[3] and the ability to mystically disguise himself as a mortal human while he was on Midgard.[4]

Hofund was briefly in the possession of Sharzhad terrorist Abu Mussan after Heimdall fell to Midgard following the destruction of the Bifrost Bridge. Mussan attempted to use the sword to become the new king of his sacred land until he was defeated by the combined efforts of the Black Knight and Valkyrie. Hofund was later returned to Heimdall by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson.[5]

Not long afterwards, Heimdall confronted the resurfaced Mangog in the entrance to Asgardia.[6] In the process of defeating Heimdall, Mangog broke Hofund in half after Heimdall had stabbed him with it.[7]

Hofund was later repaired and bequeathed to Daredevil by Heimdall following the loss of his eyes in order to restore the Bifrost.[8]

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