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Hog-zilla was a tyrannoswinus rex, king of the thunder pigs, who for some reason had not died when its (his? her?) species became extinct millions of years in the past. Active underwater in the coast of Japan in present day, Hog-zilla caused an increased seismic activity that attracted attention of the news and of maritime explorer Jacques Gooseteau - who discovered the monster, but was too scared to act. The news also attracted the Daily Beagle staff, including photographer Peter Porker -secretly superhero Spider-Ham- who was sick with a cold at that time.[1]

Hog-zilla eventually emerged and attacked Tokyo, apparently wanting to get wasted by eating fast food in the restaurants. The Japanese sent the army under General Llamamotto, but Hog-zilla defeated them by oinking atomic fires. Hog-zilla also defeated a giant robot, Mechano-Hog-zilla, created by Japanese scientists to confront him. Although it was destroying the city, Hog-zilla became a pop icon, with caps and merchandising to his image and meme jokes.[1]

Hog-zilla was finally defeated when Spider-Ham confronted him. As they were both pigs, Hog-zilla approached Spider-Ham in a non-confrontational stance, only to be infected by Spider-Ham's swime flu. Hog-zilla fell sick, unable to move, then was immediately taken by movie director Cur-Asawa, who wanted him as a star of his next movie.[1]


  • Hog-zilla is an obvious parody of the Toho Studios kaiju, Godzilla.

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