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Hoggoth is an extremely ancient and powerful magic entity of order.

He is known to be one of the last survivors of an ancient mystic race, and his name suggests that he might be part of the Old Ones[3] (the "oth" ending of the name is common among them).


Oshtur, fascinated with the cosmos and other worlds rather than Earth alone, encountered Hoggoth during her explorations and spawned Agamotto to form a benevolent trinity of magic. He and the fellow-minded Oshtur and Agamotto formed the omnipotent trio known as the Vishanti. Hoggoth normally appears as a humanoid male. The "hoary hosts of Hoggoth" also have a similar appearance.[4]

His temple is the Temple of the Three.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Hoggoth is a very powerful mystic being, comparable to the might of Elder Gods of Earth. He is immortal.[6]


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