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Holden Holliway was a legendary lawyer and named partner in the New York firm of GLK&H.[2] After his granddaughter Sasha became a small-time super-criminal named Southpaw, Holliway championed the formation of a "Superhuman Law" specialty practice within GLK&H for the sole purpose of being prepared for the inevitable charges against Sasha.[3]

Sometime later, he recruited the Avenger Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, for the firm[2] hoping that she could become a good role model for Sasha and steer her in a good path.[4]

This didn't last long however, as Titania's attack left Southpaw unattended, and she managed to escape with the help of the Mad Thinker Android's head.[5] Holliway then took an extended sabbatical in order to look for her.[6]



Holliway is a skilled lawyer.

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