Early life

Holden Radcliffe was an ambitious businessman and scientist he was the founder of the Holden Radcliffe Corporation. He was obsessed with developing androids as combat soldiers. [1]


He hired Dr. Aaron Isaacs, a pioneer in the field of robotics, created the "Autonomously Decisive Automated Mechanism". But when he discovered Holdenhad destroyed his work, Isaacs went on the run. He changed his name to Isaac Aaronson and built Adam, a beta version of his A.I. project.[2]

Machine Teen

He searched for years and it was until Adam himself found out he was a robot and his friend told a local policeman called Officer Michaels. He contacted Holden, revealing Michaels worked for the Holden Radcliffe Corporation.[3] Holden sent a team to kidnap Dr. Aaronson was interrogated by Office Michaels. The Holden Radcliffe Corporation was bent on getting their stolen property back. He used Adam's friend Carly unknowingly capture Adam, leading Office Michaels to Adam and J.T. and they are all captured.[4]

Adam and his friends were brought to a building where Dr. Isaacs was kept. Adam was taken away and strapped to a table, where Holden tried to hack into Adam and take control of him; however, they could not. Adam escaped from Holden's, along with his father and friends, by tricking them in to thinking he is under their control. During the escape, Adam is nearly destroyed and has to delay Radcliffe to let his father and friends escape. Dr. Aaronson escapes with Adam's computer core, which set off a self-destruct sequence. Adam exploded, and Holden and Michaels were killed in the explosion.[5]

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