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Who would take the name of Hollow as an Nuhumans. After his powers manifested, Hollow joined Lash's tribe.[1]

He returned to New York to capture Mark, who was now an ally of the New Warriors,[2] and took Sun Girl along with Mark. Back in Jakarta, Sun Girl confronted Hollow about his intentions, who revealed he thought the Inhumans should reign above humanity. As he commanded his teammates to kill Sun Girl, she managed to break Haechi free, who used the fire created by Spark to empower himself and attack Hollow and the other enemies. Haechi used the distraction created by his escape to flee the scene along with Sun Girl.[1]

As Haechi was escaping, he encountered Lash. As both fought, with the New Warriors caught in the middle, Hollow presented Haechi as a gift for Lash. Lash considered a weakness that Hollow was following him because of fear, and killed him.[3]



Selah Burke (Earth-616) and Hollow (Inhuman) (Earth-616) from New Warriors Vol 5 7 001

Hollow using his powers

Intangibility: Hollow can allow himself to become intangible.[1]

  • Physical Disruption: He can cause biological disruption by phasing parts of himself into others.

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