Holly-Ann Ember was a young girl living in Venture Ridge, Wyoming, who idolized superheroines and collected newspaper clippings of their exploits in a scrapbook. Her town was located near an AIM base that researched new energy sources. When they detected a powerful energy source in the town itself, their leader the Timekeeper sealed it off with an invisible barrier, and the town's population descended over two months into civil disorder and food shortages.[citation needed]

Holly-Ann wished on her scrapbook for the superheroines she idolized to save her town, and unconsciously, her own mutant power teleported four of those superheroines - Wasp, She-Hulk, Storm and Tigra - to her town. [citation needed]

Discovering that Holly-Ann was the power source that AIM sought, the superheroines joined forces with some of the townsfolk to overthrow AIM and a giant robot under their control, and the town was freed. [citation needed]

Storm gave Holly-Ann a card for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, should she wish to explore her powers, but it is unknown if she ever did contact the school. [citation needed]

Power Grid[2]
Energy Projection6
Fighting Skills1


Teleportation: She proved capable of teleporting several people across the country without even being fully aware she was doing so. However, the full extent of Holly-Ann's power is unknown.

Strength level

Normal human strength.

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