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After her husband left,[1] Holly was the single mother to young computer enthusiast Hiram "Ram" Riddley. Their home in Montclair was visited by Captain America, who had traced a hacking on his hotline there. When Captain America politely asked her about computers in their home, Holly allowed him to talk with her son. Captain America soon decided to recruit Hiram and his young online friends to help him with his hotline.[2] The Captain visited a few weeks later to provide those junior helpers, dubbed "Stars & Stripes", with customized jackets, and asked Holly to distribute those to the post office. The Riddleys insisted that the Captain joined them for dinner, and he revealed his face to them (but not his name). Holly found him so attractive that she tried to court him, sending Hiram to his room. She stressed that the Captain was being an excellent model and influence for Hiram, correcting Hiram's attitude and improving his studies, and offered the Captain any help she could provide. The Captain, whose romance with Bernie Rosenthal had recently finished, was somewhat receptive; but their meal was interrupted by an alert caused by Flag-Smasher.[1] The Captain called the Riddleys for advice soon afterward when he was in a dilemma caused by the Commission on Superhuman Activities.[3] The captain did not came back for dinner, but every day ever since, Holly had suspired for his return.[4]

Some time later, after the Captain's collaboration with Ram had ended, Holly was injured by a criminal who hijacked her car and force her to drive a country road, then shot her in the head, leaving her in a coma that she may never wake up from. Captain America visited the Riddleys again, believing he would die in a few hours and wanting to renew communication with them before that. Hiram was full of anger and directed it to the Captain, as he had failed to be of help. The Captain left, not telling him of his own plight.[5]



An accomplished cook, particularly when doing turkey stuffing; she also did home-made apple pie.[1]

She can drive.[5]


Listed, with seven other ladies, in a pin-up about "The Women in Captain America's Life" in Captain America #350.

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