Quote1 Hero? Villain? Anarchist? [...] According to history discs of this era, the man should not even exist. Quote2
-- Stryfe src
Attributed Kill Zones - Holocaust (Earth-616) from Stryfe's Strike File Vol 1 1

"Attributed Kill Zones" in Europe

One of the numerous mutants monitored by Stryfe before he came to the present, Holocaust's activities are largely unknown, and his motives are way more shadowed.

Among his common actions, he could in the same scheme cause the destruction of a Sentinel processing plant, confront the Upstarts, and attempt to slay the X-Men.

He is known or suspected to have killed people in Europe and North Africa, at least in Scotland, England, France, Spain Algeria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Yugoslavia.

Stryfe's intel on that mutant was very incomplete, as he wasn't able to know about Holocaust cause, and stated that his presence on Earth-616 wasn't correct according to the data. Because of his alias, Stryfe theorized that Holocaust's goal was the annihilation of all life on Earth, including both humans and mutants.[1]

His current fate or whereabouts are unknown.


Holocaust is a mutant with the following powers:

  • Energy blasts: He was seen to manipulate energy in an offensive way.
  • Adaptation: His mutant powers were always able to adapt to any situation he was involved into.

He has also his mind cloaked, whether it is unknown if it was based on a mutant power or a technological device.


Possibly mute.

He only appeared in a profile in Stryfe's Strike File #1

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