Flag of Honduras

Flag of Honduras

Honduras, officially the Republic of Honduras is a republic in Central America. It was at times referred to as Spanish Honduras to differentiate it from British Honduras, which became the modern-day state of Belize. The capital city is Tegucigalpa.


Thunderbolt Ross sent a military team down to Honduras in the past, the best of the best but they failed to return. He received a ghostly message from one of the men while on a plane leaving him a map. The Thunderbolts strike team traveled to Estrella City. He met with their guide a local gangster called Cordoba, he took down his men with ease and took one of his boats. Reluctantly guided down the "Rio Patuca" Deadpool tried to go for a swim and was attacked and mauled by a monster. It was then that Helen arrived to join the team.[1] Helen explained that she was there to help, but the boat was torn apart by the creature and then kill Ghost Rider. They find a nearby abandoned village with strange shaped skulls on the ground. They decided to bunker down for the night. Sterns tricked Cordba into attacking the team to reveal his men were close behind and drew them off. They reached the Deviant Temple and as they split up Punisher and Elektra got trapped by a boobie trap.[2] As the others were in the Temple Deadpool slaughtered Cordoba's men. He then forced him to eat a poisonous frog. Helen and Ross find the center of the Temple and find an infant celestial. Deadpool and the Leader both tried to kill each other but Sterns got the upper hand dropping him Lava. It was at the moment Helen attacked Ross revealing that she was a Deviant one of the last of her race. She stabbed Ross, but he turned into the Red Hulk and the two fought. Moncuso however stopped the fight revealing he was a live and had been mutated by the celestial. He revealed he killed the team. When the Leader drunk the bood from the Celestial his head blew up. However Moncuso offered Ross a choice to die, or change himself for the better. He decides to change and Moncuso sends him back in time before the mission.[3]

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  • Not to be confused with British Honduras now know as Belize.

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