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  • Power Purse: Honey Lemon is equipped with a special purse, containing a mini-chemical lab inside, and a touch screen with an encoding of the periodic table, capable of creating various weapons in the form of palm-sized "chem-balls" through the use of the aforementioned periodic elements. Such concoctions include hardening foam to halt movement, cushioning foam to break falls, ice to freeze enemies, and smokescreens for camouflage.
  • The movie seemingly implied that Honey Lemon was a nickname by Fred, but throughout the course of Rivalry Weak, it is revealed that Honey Lemon is her real name, unlike her Earth-616 counterpart. She is referred to as Ms. Lemon, and a close up on her Student ID reveals her name to be Honey Lemon.
  • Later on, in Fan Friction, she takes on the codename "Tall Girl" after being named as such in Karmi's fanfiction, though she claims she'd like to change the name.

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  1. Big Hero 6: The Series Season 1 14

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