At the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, Honey Lemon and her colleagues are in the process of creating new inventions for the world to see. Honey is working on chemical metal embrittlement when she is introduced to the younger brother of her friend and classmate Tadashi Hamada, Hiro, who's in the middle of a tour throughout the university. After showing her experiment to Hiro, Honey joins the others in the former's meeting with Fred, who notes the occasion of when he once asked Honey to concoct a formula that would turn him into a fire-breathing lizard at will, though she denied his request, believing that such ambitions weren't science.


Like her teammates, Honey Lemon does not have powers, but possesses high intelligence. In particular, she is has an innate talent in chemistry. She also has above-average agility and strength, though not as high as her teammate Go Go Tomago.


  • She is fluent in English, Spanish and Japanese.
  • Expert chemistry skills_ Honey is a brilliant chemist, able to calculate a plethora of chemical substances with a variety of effect. At the university, she was even able to induce chemical embrittlement to a four-hundred pound ball of tungsten carbide, an incredibly dense substance, turning it to dust by mere touch afterwards. Her knowledge in chemistry is thorough enough for her to calculate and input custom chemicals on her purse at incredible speeds without having to looking at the typepad.


  • Power Purse: Honey Lemon is equipped with a special purse, containing a mini-chemical lab inside, and a touch screen with an encoding of the periodic table, capable of creating various weapons in the form of palm-sized "chem-balls" through the use of the aforementioned periodic elements. Such concoctions include hardening foam to halt movement, cushioning foam to break falls, ice to freeze enemies, and smokescreens for camouflage.
  • The movie seemingly implied that Honey Lemon was a nickname by Fred, but throughout the course of Rivalry Weak, it is revealed that Honey Lemon is her real name, unlike her Earth-616 counterpart. She is referred to as Ms. Lemon, and a close up on her Student ID reveals her name to be Honey Lemon.
  • Later on, in Fan Friction, she takes on the codename "Tall Girl" after being named as such in Karmi's fanfiction, though she claims she'd like to change the name.

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