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Quote1 Well Hong Kong -- I have orders to start from here, so here I am! Quote2
Jane Framan[src]



Flag of Hong Kong

Flag of Hong Kong

Hong Kong (香港), officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a former British Crown Colony and now an autonomous territory located south of mainland China.

19th Century[]

First Opium War[]

In 1839, China tried to stop the opium trade and commissioner Lin Zexu detained all foreigners in Guangzhou and destroyed 2000 chests of opium in retaliation Britain declared war defeating China with 3 years. This lead to the concession of Hong Kong being signed over to them for the next 150 years.[1]

Early 20th Century[]

In 1939, the American hero known as the Angel travelled to Hong Kong where he assisted Smithsonian Institution employee Jane Framan in using an old map to determine if the lost temple of Alano and its treasures truly existed. They were opposed by a man named Lelong who attempted to claim the temple and the treasure for himself, but he ultimately failed.[2]

Two years later in 1941, the Young Allies brought British spy Agent Zero to Hong Kong to escape Axis forces. There they found themselves caught in the middle of a Tong war, and were eventually rescued by Captain America and the Human Torch.[3]

Alternate Universes[]


On this Earth, Deadpool went to Hong Kong to kill a group of sex traffickers.[4]

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