The Hong Kong Sanctum is one of three Sanctums created by Agamotto and maintained by the Masters of the Mystic Arts. Along with the New York Sanctum and the London Sanctum, the Hong Kong Sanctum acted as a planet-wide mystical defensive ward and as a base from which the Masters of the Mystic Arts conducted their activities. It had a fixed dimensional portal connecting it to Kamar-Taj in Nepal and a more conventional entrance on a busy street in the heart of Hong Kong. Master Tina Minoru acts as the current master and guardian of the Hong Kong Sanctum.[1]

To bring eternal life to the world, Kaecilius and his Zealots made a pact with Dormammu that necessitated the destruction of the three Sanctums. After destroying the London Sanctum and the murder of the master of the New York Sanctum, the Zealots turned his attention to Hong Kong. The Masters of the Mystic Arts were forewarned and rallied to arms by Wong. Unfortunately, Kaecilius and his Zealots overpowered them and opened a portal to the Dark Dimension. Doctor Strange and Karl Mordo arrived just after the opnenig of the Dark Dimension, but Strange used the Eye of Agamotto and it's Time Stone to manipulate time to resurrect Wong and the other Masters of the Mystic Arts, to rebuild the Hong Kong Sanctum, and to save the Earth from Dormammu.[1]

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