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Appearing in "Blood From Stones (Chapter 1)"

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  • Nisanti (Death)
  • A roving street gang

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Synopsis for "Blood From Stones (Chapter 1)"

Parker Robbins visited his mother in a Psychiatric Care Center, and realized he needed to make more money so that she could move somewhere else.

On his way home, he met up with his cousin John King to talk about possible robbery jobs. While at the bar, they see Electro, and briefly talked about how Parker would like to be a super-villain for all the women. As they're talking about the bar being a possible super-villain hangout, a man approached them with a proposition. He handed them a card with the Hydra logo on it, and asked to speak with them outside.

In the alley, the man offered John and Parker jobs with Hydra, but they beat the crap out of him instead, claiming payback against the Terrorist organization for the recent 9/11 incident. (Though Hydra didn't have anything to do with it).

As John peed on the unconscious man, Parker stole his shoes, disappointed that the man's suit was ruined, along with his chuck taylors. They agreed to meet back up later that night for a job John was tipped off on.

Parker headed to the apartment of his regular prostitute, Gro, before going home to his pregnant girlfriend, Sara. At home, he lied about finding a night watchman job, and left to meet John.

The two men broke into the warehouse John was told about, surprised to find nothing but a satanic logo scrawled into the ground and candles lit. As they were about to leave, a demon jumped out, and Parker shot and seemed to kill it. As John panicked and ran, Parker stole the demon's cloak and boots, not wanting to leave the job empty handed.

On his way home again, Parker was jumped in an alleyway by a roving gang for his shoes. As they were too small for his own feet anyway, Parker threw the Hydra agent's shoes in the men's faces and ran away, frantically trying to put on the demon's boots along the way. Once he finally has them on, he was astonished to find they allow him to walk on air!


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