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Quote1.png Blast ye – when yer in the presence of Hook Tebbs, ye stand! Quote2.png
Hook Tebbs[src]


Not much is known about the past of the outlaw known as Hook Tebbs. At some point, he lost his right hand and began wearing a hook that was his trademark. He organized Outlaws Gulch, a secret town for outlaws to hide out from the law located in the Nevada's Rawhide Range.[1] He amassed a group of loyal outlaws to help rob and pillage the surrounding area.

Eventually, Hook's activities gained the attention of the Masked Raider, who with the help of the sheriff of Prairie City posed as a criminal known as "Streak". Acting tough before Hook's minion Tex and later being tough enough to strike at Hook, "Streak" was admitted membership into the group.

Although Hook catched the Raider snooping around in the well they stored their loot and tied the hero up, the Masked Raider still got loose. Signaling the sheriff and his men to Outlaw Gulch's location, the Masked Raider subdued and tied up Hook. When Hook's men returned from a job, they attempted to flee the scene leading to shots being fired. The Masked Raider reported that Hook Tebbs was mortally wounded in the cross-fire.[2]



He carried a gun.

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