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During World War II, Captain America foiled a plot to destroy the Boulder Dam.[1]

The Avengers managed to repair a breach in the Hoover Dam inadvertently caused by a fight between Thor and the Hulk.[2]

In the concrete heart of Boulder Dam, with the aid of Reed Richards and Charles Xavier, General Ross and Major Talbot managed to capture the Hulk with a special device that knocked him unconscious. As Reed Richards prepared to put the Hulk into the specially made container, he was shocked to see the Hulk was suddenly teleported away.[3]

The Hulk returned to the dam again as Mr. Fixit when battling Absorbing Man on top of it. The two of them eventually fell down and ended their fight near a generator, where Hulk destroyed Creel's concrete body.[4]

Later on, during a battle near the dam, Black Bolt hit Namor so hard that he went through the dam, causing a massive leak. Shortly after, one of Black Bolt's screams caused further damage to the dam. Sue Storm managed to hold the dam together long enough for everyone else who was near to get to safety. After some time the strain became too much for her and she passed out, though she was saved just in time by Namor.[5]

The dam was seen intact later, though it soon got damaged again by Zzzax, fighting a group of Arizona and Nevada superheroes. He was eventually defeated by Hardball.[6]

Later on, William Burnside planned to blow up the dam, though he was shot and defeated by Bucky Barnes.[7] The bridge was threatened to be bombed again when a group of zombified US presidents threatened to blow up the Hoover Dam. Deadpool was quick to kill them and use their explosives against them.[8]

At a later point, Johnny Blaze attempted a stunt and jumped 800 feet over the dam on his motorcycle. His stunt failed, though, and he crashed into the side of the mountain.[9]

The Hoover as damaged again during a fight between Venom and Carnage.[10]

Alternate Universes[]


In this future version of Earth, the foundation of the Hoover Dam was cracked during an earthquake, which was why the area was abandoned and the X-Men used it as a hideout.[11]


In this dystopian world, the Hoover Dam was one of many monuments that had been destroyed during a nuclear war.[12]

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