In the late 37th-early 39th century, Hope joined the Clan Chosen, an Askani-inspired team of freedom fighters, formed originally by Nathan, Tetherblood, and Aliya. Hope and her sister, Aliya, were part of the forces Nathan led against the New Canaanites. Training in the Askani ways under surviving Askani elders, the Clan Chosen repeatedly battled the ruling New Canaanites and the rogue Scions of the High Lord, led by Stryfe. Following one battle, Stryfe's Scions killed Hope's sister Aliya and kidnapped her nephew Tyler. When the Clan Chosen attacked Stryfe, Tyler Dayspring captured Dawnsilk, having been brainwashed by Stryfe. He forged a neural link between them to gain Clan Chosen secrets. Nathan decided to sever the link, by shooting his son, in order to save Dawnsilk. This knocked Tyler out and further damaged his and Dawnsilk's mind as well. Hope blamed Cable for the death of her sister and her nephew for years to come.[1]

After Cable and Kane were injured in battle with Stryfe, Cable took Kane to Applecrust, in the future, where they were able to enhance his cybernetic prosthetics. Kane stayed with the Clan Chosen, while waiting for Cable to return. Cable returned to Kane in Applecrust and aided the Clan Chosen in battling a group of Flatliners. The Clan Chosen decided to send Kane home and destroy the Tinex, the time-travel nexus, within Niagara Falls.[2]

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