Hope Lee is Jubilee's paternal aunt. At the time of the deaths of her brother and sister-in-law, she was in China, and did not receive word of their deaths for years. She and her brother had had a falling out and became estranged before Jubilee was born. Upon her discovery of her niece, she and Jubilee communicated through letters before Jubilee moved to Los Angeles to join her.

Shortly after Jubilee joined Hope in L.A. Hope revealed that she was an assassin. During her attempts to leave the business, she was shot, and later followed home by dozens of assassins and her boss. After sending Jubilee, Shane Shooter, (a friend of Jubilee), Wolverine, and Brad, the butler, from the house, she blew it up by unknown means. The police could not find her body and assumed she was dead.

Later, in a nearby park, a jogger saw a trail of smoke, and discovered Hope Lee, whose leg was revealed to be cybernetic.


Hope is a human with cybernetic enhancements. She is extensively trained as an expert assassin.


Hope Lee is proficient in use of small arms, and other weaponry.

  • Jubilee is under the impression her aunt is deceased.
  • Hope is extremely wealthy.

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