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Hope Pym was the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, and twin to Henry Pym, Jr. (aka Big Man). Hope became obsessed when the newest team of Avengers appeared, feeling they were disgracing the memory of her father (who died as an Avenger) and mother (who died "of a broken heart"). She used her fortune to arrange for an unknown individual to become Ion Man, attempting to assassinate Cassandra Lang. Hope felt Cassandra was a mockery of her parents and that she, herself, should have been the one to carry on the legacy started by her father when he first appeared as the original Ant-Man.[citation needed]

She arranged for the formation of the Revengers and she and Henry, using their parents' security codes invaded Avengers Mansion. There, they captured Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Edwin Jarvis, and Scott Lang and ambushed the Avengers. She then set about torturing Cassandra Lang, planning to kill the Avengers, convinced she could lead a better team. Her brother, Henry, turned against her and after the two teams fought it was he who stopped her from initiating the Mansion's self-destruct, which would have killed both the Revengers and the Avengers and their allies.[1]



Has hand-to-hand combat training



  • Red Queen's Suit: Red Queen uses implanted Bio-Synthetic Wings to fly. As well she has bio-electric blasters installed on the gloves on the back of her hands. As well she has extendable claws built into her gloves. However, she apparently does not have the ability to alter her size.

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