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Quote1 I'm assuming you saw what she did? How her power works? Anything we can do -- anything any of us can do -- she's already there. It's like -- someone made a voodoo doll for the whole mutant race. That's what Hope is. She's us. All of us. Quote2

Hope was the first mutant born after M-Day.[21] Believed to be the salvation of mutantkind, she was raised and trained by her adoptive father Cable in the far future,[22] until she was ready to return to the present day. Shortly after her own powers manifested Hope activated five new mutants,[23] and later on — while greatly augmented by the Phoenix Force — reversed the effects of M-Day, allowing new mutants to be born once again.[2]

When mutants formed the sovereign nation of Krakoa, Hope became a part of The Five, tasked with the responsibility to resurrect deceased mutants.[24]


Messiah Complex[]

Nathan Summers (Earth-616) and Hope Summers (Earth-616) from X-Factor Vol 3 26 001

Cable escaping with the mutant infant

The baby that would become known as Hope was born the daughter of Captain Louise Spalding of the Cooperstown Fire Department.[25] She was born as a result of a time-traveling Jean Grey impregnating her mother with the power of the Phoenix Force.[20]

Hope was the first new mutant born since M-Day. Her birth caused telepathic shockwaves so powerful that Cerebra exploded after detecting her.[21] Soon after, her birthplace in Cooperstown, Alaska was attacked by the Purifiers, who had used information received from the time-traveling Sentinel Nimrod warning them of her birth. Although the people of the town, including Hope's mother, were murdered by the Purifiers, Cable managed to save her. According to him, the baby was a messiah destined to save both mutants and humankind. However, according to the Purifiers and Bishop, she would kill a million humans, turning humanity against mutants once and for all, thus leading to a new era of mutant persecution, the very timeline in which Bishop was born.[26]

The Purifiers and Cable were not the only ones pursuing Hope. Mister Sinister sent his Marauders to find her, while the X-Men also attempted to secure her. The Marauders succeeded in stealing Hope away from Cable, but were unaware that their leader had been betrayed and replaced by Mystique. She and her co-conspirator Gambit had hoped to use the child to cure Mystique's daughter Rogue of the Strain 88 virus, which had left her comatose. Mystique's plan worked, and Rogue was cured of the virus. After a huge battle between the Marauders, X-Men, and Predator X, the X-Men claimed the child and Cyclops decided that the baby would be safest with Cable, allowing his son to take her into the future. However, an enraged Bishop decided to track Cable and the baby down in order to finally kill her and prevent his future from happening.[27]

Into the Future[]

Pursued by Bishop and unable to return to the past, Cable eventually sought out the fabled sanctuary of New Liberty. He settled down here and married a woman by the name of Hope, who became like a mother to the mutant baby. When the child was seven, New Liberty was invaded by the remnants of the U.S. government, who had spliced themselves with cockroach DNA to survive their unforgiving post-nuclear environment. Cable fought them off and left New Liberty with his family in order to prevent the Cockroaches from returning. After spending months in the wasteland that had once been America, the family was attacked by the president of the insects. The young Hope managed to take him down and Cable questioned the president, deducing from his story that in order to find Hope in the future, Bishop had destroyed all the continents in the world, except North America, in order to more easily find her and kill her. Cable killed the president, and the family moved on. They encountered a settlement, but were met with a pack of marauders. Cable took care of them easily, but not fast enough, as his wife was shot and killed before the young Hope's eyes. After burying her, Cable, who until then had refused to name his child in belief that he had no right to do so, decided to name her Hope Summers after his deceased wife.[28]

Messiah War[]

Hope Summers (Earth-616) from X-Force Cable Messiah War Vol 1 1 0001

A young Hope Summers

In an effort to find and kill Hope, Bishop made an alliance with Cable's clone, Stryfe. The pair set a trap for Cable and Hope, constructing a time-net that prevented them from jumping forward in time. When the X-Men finally found them, Cyclops sent X-Force to bring them back, only for them to also become trapped by the time-net. Hope was kidnapped by Stryfe, and after he realized who she was, stopped Bishop from killing her, intending instead to steal her body and power. Stryfe was defeated by Cable and X-Force, with the help of Apocalypse. Despite also wanting to take her as his new vessel, Apocalypse was convinced to leave her as thanks for X-Force having saved him. He promised however that he would return for Hope one day. When Cable and Hope were forced to time travel again, Hope resisted because she wanted to stay with X-Force members X-23 and Elixir, with whom she had bonded during the battle. Angry at Cable for forcing her to leave, she kicked him mid-jump, stranding herself and Cable two years apart from each other.[29]

Emil Spence[]

Hope fled the rubble of Stryfe's Celestial City and befriended Emil Spence, a descendant of Stryfe's clone warriors. Hope survived for two years, with the help of Emil, until rejoining Cable and fleeing the dying Earth on one of two remaining spaceships, the Ensabahnur I, which Cable commandeered posing as Stryfe. Hope was devastated at being forced to leave Emil, the boy she loved.[30]

At some point during their journey, Hope accidentally revealed Cable's true identity, and he was imprisoned. Bishop and Emil eventually caught up to Cable and Hope, Emil being under the impression that Cable had kidnapped Hope and that Bishop was her true father. Bishop was also armed with a thermonuclear device which he planned to activate as soon as he saw Hope, ensuring her death. While Bishop and Emil raided the Ensabahnur I, Emil and Hope were reunited and Hope explained to Emil that Bishop was, in fact, the one trying to kill her.[31]

During Bishop's attack, the Brood, attracted to Hope's latent power, attacked both ships, distracting Bishop from Hope. While Cable and Bishop both fought the Brood, Hope and Emil made their way to the ship's two terraforming pods, which would facilitate their escape. Emil placed Hope in the pod against her will as she refused to leave Cable. As Emil was preparing the second pod Cable appeared and Emil gave the second pod to Cable, sacrificing his own life.[32]

After Cable and Hope left, Emil obtained Bishop's thermo-nuclear weapon, detonating it moments before he could be attacked by a Brood. However, Bishop escaped by allowing himself to be absorbed by an Acanti, and two years later he had tracked Hope and Cable in cryo-sleep within their terraforming pods.[32]


Hope and Cable survived the brutal crash-landing back onto the dying Earth. Soon Hope made the decision that she was ready to go home and join the X-Men. However, the only fully functioning time machine was in Bishop's robotic arm, and Bishop was still trapped inside a dying Acanti. Cable blew up the Acanti corpse, awoke Bishop and narrowly escaped with Hope into the past, but not before Bishop fired a bullet point-blank at Hope's head. Fortunately, Hope's mutant powers manifested and she used Cable's telekinesis to stop the bullet in midair.[33]

The cobbled-together time machine turned out to be somewhat faulty, making it difficult to time-slide to a specific date. Also, the remnants of Bishop's time device were triggered with each jump, allowing him to follow them anywhere in time. A violent chase ensued across numerous time periods on Manhattan Island including the Revolutionary War and ruins of the apocalyptic future.[34] Bishop finally reached them and was almost successful in killing Hope before Cable activated the time device in his arm to send Bishop to the year 6700 AD. Finally free of their pursuer, Hope and Cable made preparations for their final jump into the present.[35]

Second Coming[]

Cable and Hope arrived in the present at the ruins of the Xavier Institute. While searching the rubble for clues on the X-Men's current whereabouts, a team of Smiley Faces attacked them. They were able to escape, but had alerted Bastion to Hope's return.[13] Bastion began tracking the pair using Cable's T.O. virus as a beacon. Hodge's Smiley-Faces and Stryker's Purifiers both continued to pursue the pair, but the X-Men were also alerted to Hope and Cable's return via the Stepford Cuckoos and Cerebra.[36][37][38]

The X-Men were able to stop both the Purifiers and Smiley Faces and catch up to Cable and Hope. Once the X-Men understood how Bastion was tracking Cable, they broke into two teams: Nightcrawler, Rogue and Hope teleporting back to Utopia and Wolverine, Cable and the remainder of Alpha Team acting as decoys.[38] Bastion quickly uncovered the deception and attempted to kill Hope personally, but he was confronted by Rogue and then damaged when Nightcrawler sacrificed himself to save Hope by teleporting in one leap from Las Vegas to Utopia.

After Hope arrived on Utopia, Bastion launched the next phase of his plan. During the months leading up to Hope's return, a large energy dome was built over the Bay Area to cut off the X-Men from escaping or getting help. Once the dome was activated, Bastion opened a dimensional portal to his own time-period to allow an army of Nimrod-Series Sentinels to travel back to the past and kill Hope.[39] Like the original Nimrod, these Sentinels were able to detect, analyze and adapt to mutant powers as well as self-repair. The X-Men were barely able to subdue them, and several X-Men sustained severe injuries.[40] Every five minutes a wave of five new Nimrod Sentinels continued to appear through the portal.[41] Only by sending X-Force, Cable and Cypher on a one-way mission into the future to reprogram and destroy the Nimrod Master Molds were the X-Men successful in defeating them.[40][42] However, to get X-Force home safely, Cable sacrificed his own life.[43]

Once the dimensional portal was closed, Bastion decided it was time to confront Hope personally. He converted both Graydon Creed and Stephen Lang into robotic forms in order to battle the X-Men on the Golden Gate Bridge, allowing him to face Hope head-on. Hope, grieving profusely at the death of her father, allowed her sorrow to turn into purposeful rage. Her mutant powers manifested once more and Hope was able to draw on the mutant powers of the X-Men around her and single-handedly destroyed Bastion, Lang and Creed.[43]

After the battle, Hope laid down cradled by the remains of Cable's techno-organic arm and fell asleep for nearly 30 hours due to sheer exhaustion. Hope's return to the present prompted five new mutant manifestations. These mutants would become known as the Lights.[23]

The Lights[]

Hope Summers (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men The Heroic Age Vol 1 1 0001

Hope wanted to find her family in Alaska

Once the dust had settled after the final battle with Bastion, Hope, accompanied by Rogue and Dr. Nemesis, was sent to the Baxter Building in New York City to be thoroughly examined by Mr. Fantastic. After the examination, Richards concluded that Hope showed no major signs of damage from time-traveling. He did recommend she have some dental work done and begin a vaccination regimen. He also said a biological family history would be most helpful.[44]

When Hope returned to Utopia, she was confronted by Cyclops, her adopted grandfather. While Hope had at first blamed him for Cable's death, they agreed not to let it stand between . While Cyclops wanted Hope to investigate the five mutants who had emerged following her return, he agreed to allow Hope to go to Alaska to learn more about her origins.[44]

Hope went to Alaska with Rogue, Cypher and Dr. Nemesis, and discovered her biological mother's identity. While visiting her grave, Hope met her grandmother, who invited her to her home and told her all about Louise, oblivious she was talking to her granddaughter.[45]

Immediately after leaving Alaska, Hope and the others headed to Vancouver, Canada to save "the first new mutant". Hope arrived just in time to save Laurie's life and stabilize her powers. After that, Laurie was committed to following Hope to the ends of the Earth. From Canada, Hope and the others went to Mexico City, Mexico where Hope similarly saved Gabriel Cohuelo.[46]

Next Hope, accompanied by Storm, traveled to Nigeria to save Idie Okonkwo from a paramilitary group threatening to kill her. Hope stabilized her powers and brought her back to Utopia with the others.[47]

The next light was originally located in Ukraine, but when Hope, Rogue and the other lights arrived in Kyiv, he was gone. They tracked him over most of Europe and finally found him in Miami Beach, Florida. Like the other lights, Hope was able to stabilize Teon's powers, and essentially "tamed" the feral mutant.[8] After Teon joined, the group set off for Japan to stop the fifth light from destroying Tokyo.[48]

At first, Hope was unable to get close enough to touch Kenji, but she was able to control her powers enough to mimic Kenji although the strain of mimicking his powers made her faint with exhaustion.[49] Despite an order from Cyclops to let the X-Men handle Kenji, Hope and the other lights set off to try and save him. She was able to again mimic Kenji's powers and use them to successfully subdue him so she could physically touch him and stabilize his powers and personality.[50]

Hope Summers (Earth-616) and Sixth Light (Earth-616) from Generation Hope Vol 1 7 0001

Hope tries, and fails, to calm the Sixth Light

After the incident in Tokyo, Cyclops replaced Rogue with Kitty Pryde as his envoy to Hope's new team. Now an officially sanctioned X-Men team, the Lights were deployed to Germany, where a sixth light had activated. They discovered the new light was, in fact, an unborn child who telepathically took control of those near him. Kenji and Teon proved immune to its power, and Kenji was able to create links to the rest of the lights to protect them as well. Laurie theorized that the child was acting out because it did not want to be born, and so Hope had Kenji link them to the baby. After several attempts to reason with it, Teon managed to calm the baby, and he was successfully delivered. Hope touched him, stabilizing his powers. The Lights then left Germany to return to Utopia; Teon's family had started legal action to regain custody of him.[51]

While awaiting the trial, Hope was furious with the blasé attitude taken by Dr. Rao and Evangeline Whedon about Teon's custody. In an effort to distract her team from the looming legal proceedings, Hope insisted on adopting code names. Later, despite his normally animalistic nature, Teon was able to eloquently offer a sound case of why he needed to stay with Hope and the X-Men. Immediately after the trial, Laurie and Kenji began to speculate on the reason all of the Lights (themselves included) seemed to be so drawn to following Hope.[52]

After the events in Germany and Teon's trial, Hope and her team continued to train and prepare for more new mutant activations. Thanks to the Stepford Cuckoos monitoring via Cerebra, Hope and the Lights were alerted almost immediately of activation of the Seventh Light's powers. They left quickly, but arrived just after Zee had committed suicide. The whole team took the death very hard.[53]

Inspired by her harsh upbringing and the strict training she had received from her father, Hope drilled her new team mercilessly, expecting them to be ready for any situation.[54] She also began a relationship with her teammate Velocidad.

Fear Itself[]

Laurie and Idie decided to confront Hope and force her to take a break from her constant training. The trio went shopping in San Francisco and was ambushed by Crimson Commando, who kidnapped Hope. Wolverine, who had thus far avoided her, tracked her down and rescued her. After speaking to Wolverine, she learned that he had avoided her out of fear that he may one day have to kill her if she lost control of her powers, and thus did not want to get close to her, a fact which Hope respected.[55]

When Kuurth, one of the Serpent's Worthy, came to destroy San Francisco and Utopia, Hope was a vital part of one of Cyclops' plans to stop him. After the initial attempt to stop Kuurth failed, Cyclops instructed Hope to utilize the power of the other X-Men to remove Kuurth's helmet. She was successful, but Kuurth was too powerful to stop with telepathy.[56] Kuurth was eventually driven off by Colossus, who had become the new Juggernaut.[57]


Hope Summers (Earth-616) Laurie Tromette (Earth-616) Generation Hope Vol 1 10

Laurie and Hope argue

After Idie stopped an attack by Hellfire Club soldiers at the Mutant History Museum by killing them all, Laurie confronted Hope for allowing it to happen. Laurie also disagreed with Hope on the issue of whether to remain on Utopia or not, but Hope used her ability to control the Lights to force her to stay. In the aftermath, Laurie insisted that Idie be allowed to go with Wolverine to become a pupil at his new school. Hope reluctantly relented.[58]

Hope's relationship with Gabriel was cut short when she discovered him kissing Pixie. However, Hope harbored no ill will towards Pixie and invited her to join the Lights to replace Idie.[59]


Believing they had discovered a new light, Hope and her team instead found Sebastian Shaw who had previously been mind-wiped by Emma Frost and now had no memory of his past. Hope brought him back to Utopia and convinced Cyclops to allow him to join her team. Hope and the Lights were shaken when Kenji, partly driven by his desire to be free of Hope's control, betrayed her and the rest of the Lights. With help from No-Girl, they managed to kill him.[60]

In addition to leading her own team, Hope was made a member of Cyclops' new Extinction Team, featuring the X-Men's heaviest hitters. While on the team, Hope grew closer to Prince Namor, and made unsuccessful romantic advances towards him.[61] She would also learn more about her potential role as the future avatar of the Phoenix Force. [62]

To Hope's great joy, her father Cable survived his sacrifice to save X-Force. Being thrown into a future where the Avengers had prevented Hope from becoming the Phoenix and brought about the Earth's destruction, Cable returned to the present and captured the Avengers, despite being rapidly consumed by his techno-organic virus. Cable was defeated and taken to Utopia. Manifesting the Phoenix properly for the first time, Hope absorbed the virus from him and destroyed it, leaving Cable comatose but safe. [63]

Avengers vs. X-Men[]

Following her manifestation of the Phoenix, Hope began training rigorously with Cyclops to prepare her for the Phoenix. The manifestations began occurring more frequently, particularly when under pressure. Believing that the Phoenix was coming to Earth to destroy the planet, the Avengers invaded Utopia and demanded that the X-Men hand over Hope.[64] Having been warned not to do so by Cable,[63] and believing that the Phoenix was coming to Earth to save mutantkind from extinction, the X-Men refused, leading to a battle between the two teams. In the ensuing chaos, Hope fled, pursued by both the X-Men, Avengers and Wolverine, who had gone rogue and believed the only solution was to kill Hope.[65]

Hope sought Wolverine out and offered him a deal; he would accompany her to the Moon, where she could meet the Phoenix, and if she began to lose control, he could kill her. Hope made her way there, but before she could merge with the Phoenix, it was splintered into five pieces by Iron Man. Acting on instinct, the Phoenix possessed five of the X-Men who had also journeyed to the Moon to find Hope. Using their newfound power, the Phoenix Five took Hope back to Utopia and set about using their powers to reshape the world, disarming the world's governments and bringing about global peace.[66]

Hope continued to hear the call of the Phoenix, but the newly empowered Phoenix Five, led by Cyclops, now refused to relinquish it to her. Despite acting peacefully, the Phoenix Five continued to be harrowed by the Avengers. They eventually attacked Utopia hoping to kidnap Hope and use her to study the Phoenix. Hope chose to go with them voluntarily.[67] The pressure of the Avengers' attacks caused the Phoenix Five to begin acting more erratically, and as they fell one by one, the power of the Phoenix became increasingly concentrated and more difficult to control for the remaining hosts.

Hope Summers (Earth-616) from Avengers vs

The Avengers realized their mistake and now began working towards allowing Hope to host the Phoenix. Hope was taken to K'un-Lun, where she received further training from Spider-Man.[68] With only two Phoenixes remaining; Cyclops and Emma Frost, the Avengers and X-Men united to try and stop them before they lost control entirely. Driven mad by the Phoenix, Cyclops absorbed it all and became Dark Phoenix. Despite nearly destroying the world, Cyclops managed to beg Hope and the Scarlet Witch to kill him during a brief moment of lucidity. With Wanda and Hope uniting their powers, and with aid from Jean Grey speaking to Cyclops from the White Hot Room, they were able to dislodge the Phoenix from Cyclops, allowing Hope to merge with it at last. Aided by the Scarlet Witch, Hope dispersed the Phoenix and used it to undo the effects of M-Day, allowing mutants to be born freely once again.[69]


With the Phoenix gone, the Avengers made arrangements for Hope to live a normal life and attend a normal school.[70] Cable finally awoke from his coma, though too late to participate in the conflict between the Avengers and X-Men, and left a note to Hope telling her not to look for him. Hope disobeyed him, travelling around the world looking for traces of her father, despite being warned by the Avengers not to do so. When about to give up the search, Cable visited Hope in her new home, telling her that it was not her job to watch out for him, and that he would always look out for her. At peace, Hope thanked her father as he disappeared into the night.[71]

Cable and X-Force[]

Cable and X-Force Vol 1 13 Textless

Under the watchful eye of the Avengers, Hope continued to live her "normal" life. She was made to see a psychiatrist and was placed under the care of foster parents.[72] Unsatisfied, Hope decided to resume her search for Cable, making a deal with Domino so that she would use her luck powers to find him. Domino and Hope located Cable in a junkyard in Nebraska. Hope was finally properly reunited with Cable, and after getting over her initial anger at him for leaving her, became embroiled in his attempts to prevent a dark future from occurring.[73]

Hope later joined him and his X-Force, and learned that the person feeding Cable the visions of the future that had thus far guided him were in fact a future version of herself. Later, she was kidnapped by a returned Stryfe and confronted Bishop, who had returned to the present and become a member of another X-Force team. Despite contemplating killing Bishop in revenge, she decided to spare him, but warned him to stay away from her. After this, Cable's X-Force was disbanded and the two of them set off on their own.[74]

At the graduation day of the Jean Grey school, Hope made a surprise visit to see Idie.[3]

New X-Force and MeMe[]

While attending a weapons convention in Alexandria, Virginia, Hope and Cable found themselves the target of Volga, an international arms dealer who infected Cable with an enhancing drug known as the Volga Process, supercharging Cable but threatening to burn out his body within a day. Hope subconsciously used her powers to mimic the strain, leaving her comatose.

Making use of cloned bodies to house his consciousness, Cable gathered a new X-Force team. During the team's first outing, they were able to save a new mutant named MeMe, who also was stuck in a catatonic state. Unbeknownst to them, MeMe was brain dead but since her body was alive, Hope was able to mimic her mutant abilities of electromagnetic transference and decided to impersonate MeMe in order to stay close to her father.[75]

X-Force began relentlessly tracking Volga in search of the answers to curing Hope, while also undertaking wet-works missions in an attempt to secure mutantkind's place in the world. Hope's identity was uncovered by Psylocke, who agreed to keep Hope's secret.[76]

While posing as MeMe, Hope became romantically involved with Fantomex. Fantomex was steadily driven insane by his inbuilt compulsion to become the best there is, leading him to betray X-Force. After copying the pure strain of the Volga Process from Hope's mind, Fantomex became overwhelmingly powerful. Disillusioned by Cable's increasingly brutal and immoral methods, Hope assumed control of the team and managed to free herself from her coma.[77] While leading the team, she defeated Fantomex and succeeded in curing both him and her father.[78]

Despite forgiving her father for his transgressions while leading X-Force, Hope notified him that he was fired, with her permanently leading the team from then on.[78]

Meeting Jean Grey[]

While X-Force eventually went their separate ways, Hope continued her one-woman crusade, seeking out and fighting threats to mutantkind.[15]

When the time-displaced Jean Grey had a vision of the Phoenix Force coming for her, she tried to reach out to those who had hosted the Phoenix before, including Hope. Jean aided Hope in a battle against the Reavers before asking for her help.[15]

The duo were joined by Rachel Summers, Kid Omega, Colossus, and Magik. Quentin showed Jean his, Colossus', Rachel's and Hope's mindscape in order to make her understand the Phoenix Force better. None of it proved to be of much help for Jean, and she moved on.[15]

When the Phoenix finally came for Jean, Hope and the other former hosts tried to help her fight it. They failed, and the Phoenix seemingly destroyed her. Jean not only survived however, but her older self was soon brought back from the dead by the Phoenix.[79]

X-Men: Disassembled[]

Cain Marko (Earth-616) and Hope Summers (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 5 20 001

Hope and Juggernaut vs Fabian Cortez

Hope later resurfaced as leader of the Mutant Liberation Front. With things becoming worse than ever for mutants, Hope assumed leadership of the MLF and turned to any extreme in defense of mutants. During a confrontation with the X-Men, she shot Cyclops in the eye.[80]

Hope and her co-conspirators were initially imprisoned by the X-Men, but when the X-Men found themselves short on manpower, Hope and Banshee were freed and joined the X-Men shortly thereafter.[81]


After the establishment of the mutant nation of Krakoa Hope became a member of "The Five", a group of mutants established by Charles Xavier with the goal of resurrecting all dead mutants. The five mutants, together, were able to create new clones of the deceased mutants, restoring their bodies, their powers, and their memories as they were at the time of their deaths. Hope's powers allowed The Five to operate at both their peak and in unison.

The Five set about resurrecting mutants who had died before their time, both those who were long gone and those more recently deceased, helping to populate the island.[82] The Five were seen partying following the recognition of Krakoa as a sovereign state by the United Nations and the first meeting of the Quiet Council.[83][84]

While Hope was initially reliant on Xavier or other telepaths inserting the psyches of the deceased mutants into their new shells, Mystique disguised as Xavier had Hope perform her first unassisted resurrection, allowing Hope and the Five to resurrect others wholly on their own.[85]

Hellfire Gala and Trial of Magneto[]

During the Hellfire Gala Hope participated in the terraforming of Mars with other Omega Level Mutants. She assisted Vulcan and Proteus by supplying them with enough energy for the completion of their part of the process.[86]

In an effort to redeem herself for nearly causing the extinction of mutantkind, the Scarlet Witch convinced her father to aid her in a project that would allow for the resurrection of mutants who had died before the creation of the resurrection protocols. To do this however, Wanda would have to die at her father's hand, so that she could go through the resurrection method herself. At Wanda's behest, Magneto brought Hope into the plot.[87]

The plan hit a snag when the Quiet Council, unaware of Wanda's plans, refused to sanction her resurrection, even when it appeared that she had been murdered. Magneto became the prime suspect, and was left comatose after a battle with the X-Men, X-Force, and X-Factor. Professor X conscripted a reluctant Hope to aid him in probing Magneto's mind, unaware that she was in cahoots with him. Hope awakened Magneto from his coma, and instructed him to buy time while Hope and the Five resurrected Wanda.[88]

The plan eventually succeeded, leading to the creation of the Eldritch Orchard, where the Five could revive those who had died before the resurrection protocols. The first to be restored to life was former X-Man Thunderbird.[87]

Quiet Council[]

When Magneto unexpectedly stepped down from the Quiet Council, Exodus approached Hope, suggesting that she seek the vacant seat. Hope interrupted a meeting of the Quiet Council to declare her candidacy, practically demanding a seat on behalf of the Five. Hope was granted the seat over Selene in a vote of 6-5.[9] Selene responded by transforming the External Gate into an invincible monster which began running amok on Krakoa. Acting on intel from Destiny, Hope managed to assassinate Selene, who was quickly resurrected, and while in a weakened state, telepathically forced to undo the spell before being killed again. [89]

Shortly after Hope joined the Council, Sinister put into motion a plan requiring him to kill several members of the Council. Using Moira Engine to reset the timeline upon failure, Sinister finally succeeded on his tenth attempt, killing the Council's psychics as well as Hope and Exodus.[18] Hope was quickly resurrected, with Synch managing to fill in for her with the Five.[90]

In order to save all of mutant kind and resurrect both the Phoenix and Marvel Girl, Hope alongside the help of Legion shot the Phoenix with the consequence being her sacrificing herself in the process.[20]


Hope Summers is a headstrong and principled young woman. She believes in doing things her own way and generally dislikes following orders she does not agree with.[10] She tends to believe that she knows best, and expects those she is in charge of to follow her lead.[91] She dislikes the idea of letting others fight her battles for her, and insists on being on the frontlines when needed.[41]

Despite often proving herself as a natural leader, Hope struggled with her role as "mutant messiah", feeling the weight of the X-Men's expectations on her, and hating the idea of others sacrificing themselves in her name.[45][41] While Hope's first experience with leadership as head of the Lights was fraught with difficulty, she went on to lead X-Force and the Mutant Liberation Front with far greater success.[78]

Hope greatly idolizes her father Cable and has in many ways sought to emulate him.[92] Having grown up on the run in a dark future, Hope is aware of the dangers lurking behind every corner, and highly values preparedness.[45] She holds both herself and those around her to a high standard when it comes to maintaining an edge.[54]

Hope's rough childhood has in many ways aged her beyond her years, and she has rejected any opportunities at a "normal" life, preferring instead to use her immense powers to fight for the survival of mutantkind.[54][93][10]


Power Grid[132]
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Hope Summers (Earth-616) and Cain Marko (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 541 001

Hope draws on the powers of Pixie, Transonic, Rockslide, Magneto and Gentle to face Kuurth

Power Manipulation: Hope is an Omega Level mutant[94][82] with ability to manipulate powers of other mutants in her close proximity,[82] but only mutants.[10]

  • Power Mimicry: Hope's primary power allows her to copy the powers of any nearby mutant. Unlike other mutants with similar abilities, such as Rogue, Hope does not need to make physical contact and the person whose powers are copied suffers no ill effects. Hope seems to be subconsciously aware of any power she copies and is able to utilize it immediately, without any need to learn how to use them or even to see them in action first.[23][45] The powers she copies are at their full capacity[94] and she has full control over them[43] (regardless of how much the original wielder controls them and how well developed their powers are). Hope does not have any known limit on how many powers she can copy at the same time, but wielding multiple powers simultaneously is taxing on her.[56] The powers she duplicates fade away due to time, distance and usage.[93][95]
  • Power Regulation: Hope can stabilize the powers of other mutants and bring them to their most optimal state. Hope first used this ability to help the Lights, whose powers were unstable after activation.[96][50][97] Later on it became crucial to her role in The Five, as she continuously supported other members to keep their powers in peak condition, so that every resurrection was performed perfectly.[24] She also assisted two other Omega Level Mutants — Vulcan and Proteus — by supplying them with enough energy for completion of their part of Mars's terraformation.[86]
    • Power Amplification: Hope has the ability to aid mutants by temporarily unlocking the full potential of their powers and augmenting them.[24][86]
    • Power Negation: Hope has displayed the ability to temporarily suppress the powers of other mutants, leaving them briefly de-powered.[98]
  • Power Synergizing: Hope has demonstrated the ability to aid other mutants in using their powers in synergy. One of her roles among the Five is to synchronize their powers and to help them operate in unison.[24]
  • Power Sensing: Hope can track down a mutant by sensing their power. She used this ability to find and catch Velocidad, when he himself wasn't able to control his powers, and when telepaths were unable to pinpoint his exact location.[25] She used this ability again to detect the mutant abilities inside Mother Righteous's simulacrum.[99]
  • Power Bestowal: First shown when she activated the Five Lights.[23] Hope later used this power — greatly augmented by the Phoenix Force — to activate a multitude of new mutants all around the world.[2]

Technological Undetectability: It is also notable that after Hope's initial detection at birth, Cerebra blew up.[100] After repairs were made the Three-in-One tried to search for her because she had been kidnapped by the Marauders yet she somehow became undetectable by mutant-detecting equipment. It is possible, however, that she was merely being shielded by Cable, as he was with her from the time she left the hospital until he left to stop the Nimrod-Series Sentinels.[101] Hope was again able to disguise her signal when both the X-Men and Avengers were looking across the globe for her, through the use of a device Cable taught her to build.[102]

Lights' Influence and Bonding: Soon after Hope's return to the present day, five new X-Genes manifested across the globe. Besides her own birth, these were the first new manifestations of mutant powers since M-Day.[23] The Lights were shown to be linked to each other with Hope able to exert a degree of control over them. Hope has exhibited both subconscious low-level powers of persuasion or manipulation over the lights, and when pushed, the ability to take control of their actions entirely.[52][91][103] All the Lights were also affected by the suicide of Zeeshan.[53] Also, when the Sixth Light activated, all of the Lights were able to sense it.[104]

The Five later developed a similar bond, becoming an inseparable unit and preferring to always stay together. It is unknown if this was caused by Hope or was simply a result of them bonding through the shared use of their powers.[24]


Hope was taught how to fight by Cable, with Cyclops continuing her training. Hope was further tutored in survival techniques, various hand-held firearms and blades, stealth, CPR, combat first-aid, warfare strategy, and some gymnastics.


  • Lack Of Control: Hope's mutant powers are not fully under control and generates power levels that are potentially dangerous to people and environments around her.
  • Power Limitation: Hope's ability to mimic superpowers is limited to mutants only.[10] Therefore, she cannot duplicate the abilities of non-mutant superpowered beings (i.e. Spider-Man, Luke Cage, or the Fantastic Four). Her duplicated powers do fade due to time, distance, and usage.[93][95] However, there were instances of Hope wielding powers from non-mutants, such as the Scarlet Witch (who was believed to be a mutant at the time) and Shou-Lao the Undying (a mystical, immortal dragon).[69]




Formerly X-Men Blackbird, Magik, Pixie, Cable's time device, Terraforming Pods, Ensabahnur I.


Hope Summers (Earth-616) from Cable Vol 2 5 001
  • Jason Aaron, the writer of Avengers vs. X-Men #12, affirmed that Hope's birth was caused by the Phoenix Force and her purpose is to bring mutants back after M-Day.[130]
    • Hope has displayed signs of the Phoenix as an infant.[125]
    • The Phoenix has referred to Hope as "My child."[50]


  • Hope loves peanut butter.[131]

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