This robot suit was created by Phineas Mason as part of his plan to create a persona with which he could gain the trust of the super-hero community. This identity was that of Phineas' alleged brother, Hophni Mason.[1]

Hophni's fabricated backstory involved him one day experiencing his "brother's" handiwork first hand by witnessing the damage caused in New York by the Scorpion, one of the villains aided by the Tinkerer. He blamed himself for the destruction, believing that he could've have done something to stop it, "Hophni" renounced the use of his intellect for his own gain, and having previously worked with NASA and numerous technology-based companies he instead set up a secret laboratory to aid super-heroes in fighting crime. As Hophni Mason (aka The Mason), the Tinkerer became a confidant to the superhero community,[2] allowing him to gather priceless intel that could be used against superheroes.[1]

Phineas Mason (Earth-616) from Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 300 002

The suit's final form

When his plan was coming to fruition, the Tinkerer revealed the truth behind Hophni Mason.[3] As soon as the rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. division named Gray Blade attacked the Tinkerer's lair, the villain activated his suit's battle mode. When Spider-Man intervened to stop the Tinkerer, Mason eventually ditched his battlesuit and tried to escape.[1]

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