Hopper Hertnecky was a pilot who owned his own private plane. He befriended the Thing on a movie set during a time he was estranged from the Fantastic Four. Ben shared with Hooper his woes, such as losing the ability to ever turn human again, and apparently losing his girlfriend Alicia Masters to his teammate the Human Torch. [1].

Later, during a period where he was mutation into an even more hideous form, the Thing sought out Hooper to help him get away to Monster Island the domain of the Fantastic Four's oldest foe the Mole Man. Knowing that the Fantastic Four was looking for him, Ben then sent Hooper to tell his former teammates where his was, but to not bother trying to get him back. The Fantastic Four went anyway, and Hooper was later convinced to take the woman everyone thought was Alicia Masters to the island as well. Hooper waited on the beach until the Fantastic Four defeated the Mole Man's schemes to decimate the surface world and when the island started to sink, inflated a rubber raft, pulling the Fantastic Four on board where the waited for rescue. There he witnessed as Ben made amends with the Fantastic Four and rejoined the team. [2]

The subsequent activities of Hooper Hertnecky are unknown at this time.



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