Quote1 Val... sword and cape... super-wo... Quote2
-- Horace Ledge src

Ledge was an Empire State University student and friend of would-be movie director Dollar Bill. When he saw Dollar Bill hitting on Valkyrie after her first day at College, he horned in on their date and accompanied them to Charles Bronson's "Death Wish."[2]

Ledge was severely injured when he tried to help Valkyrie fight Lunatik. He was hospitalized, and visited in the hospital room by Valkyrie, Dr. Bruce Banner, and Dollar Bill. Ledge had trouble speaking, but was fully aware that his friend Val was a super-woman with a sword and a cape. He tried to warn Dollar Bill about her identity, but Dollar Bill did not understand the warning and left.[3]

Ledge was eventually released from the hospital, though he was still bandaged and used two crutches to walk. Dollar Bill gave him a few pats on the back, but they caused him pain.[4] Ledge later visited the apartment of his drama teacher, Harrison Turk. Harrison offered to Ledge the drama work which the student had missed while in the hospital. Ledge left immediately to go study, as he was behind in his studies. [5]

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