Horace J. Smith was a successful playwright who was at the height of his career in the 1940s. He worked along with a partner, Dick Crawn, during this period, however, by early 1943, his greed got the better of him. While having guests over for a party at his hunting lodge, Horace (or Smitty as he was called by his friends) excused himself and Dick while they got to work on their next play in the woods. There, Horace pretended that his typewriter broke down just as they were getting to the part of the story where the main character was writing a suicide note, he then had Dick write out the lines by hand. After Dick wrote the phrase "I'm fed up with life, goodbye!" Horace shot him. Placing the gun in Dick's hand, Horace than ran back towards the house. There he tossed some of the pages he typed leading up to the "suicide" into the fireplace then returned to the scene of the crime and pretended as though they had finished writing, and he was returning his typewriter when the murder happened.

However, Horace's plot would crumble apart the moment the Vision appeared, disputing the idea that Dick's death was a suicide. Nobody believed the Vision; however, the hero began piecing clues and began writing a one act play that would prove who the killer was. Meanwhile, Horace and his friend were all taken to court to testify about the death of Dick Crawn, and the judge also ruled it a suicide.

However, when the Vision later had two of Horace's actors act out what he suspected really happened, Horace snapped and confessed to the whole thing. He attempted to shoot the Vision with a hunting rifle but missed and was chased into the woods. Fearful of capture, Smith was not watching where he was going and stumbled off a cliff and fell to his death.[1]


Horace had a hunting rifle.

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