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Dr Horatio Huxley was a physician at Department H and was prominently placed as he reported directly to the Director.[3]

He had a wide range of projects under his supervision. He headed the Helios Project, which was dedicated to studying the Japanese super-hero Sunfire.[3] He was one of those supervising the development of the new Beta Flight (synthetic replacements of Alpha Flight).[3] He performed experiments on Diamond Lil.[3]

He communicated with Nick Fury about Wolverine/"Private Logan"'s past in the Canadian Army, his involvement in the Spanish Civil War and World War I, and his confrontation with Silas Burr.[1]

Huxley kidnapped a tourist from New Zealand who was touring Department H. Huxley infected the tourist with Thetagen-24, the most dangerous, lethal bacteria created. The tourist was not the first test subject but he became a sympathetic carrier, with the bacteria consuming him, and mutating. His mind and body combined with the infection, resulting in a new being: Weapon X.[4]

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