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Quote1 Well, darlin', that's because we're very good...but we're not nice. Quote2
Augusta Bromes[src]


A collaborative group of like-minded agrochemists, bio-technologists, and eugenic engineers who specialize in the genetic manipulation —and propagation— of all things botanical. Their goal is the radical depopulation of humanity and the return of the planet to what they would consider "a more pristine state".[1]

Beyond biological modifications believed to have been made to themselves (unconfirmed outside of a documented resistance to telepathy and inklings to extended longevity), the women of Hordeculture are experts at manipulating the environment to suit their extinction agenda.[1] They are also computer programmers, selling software to Orchis to monitor Krakoan Gateways.[2]

It is unknown if there are more than four Hordeculture members.


  • They are based on Jonathan Hickman's own grandmothers. A lot of their unsavory dialogue were based on what his grandmothers had said to him.[3]

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